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Out of Control Special Counsel Muller

Recent revelation that the home of President Trump’s attorney was raided by agents of Special Counsel Robert Muller, demonstrate this statute needs serious reform.  This statute was enacted in the late 1970s in response to the Watergate scandal.  It has gone through modest reform in subsequent decades but has also become a source of legal adventurism, financial and investigative excess, and protracted and meandering investigation that has delivered little justice or government accountability and left a trail of legal corruption and personal ruin for those with the misfortune of being caught in the Special Counsel’s rampaging path.

We should care very strongly that our federally elected and appointed government officials adhere to the highest standards of integrity.  We should also care and be very concerned when those charged with “guarding the guardians” engage in ruthless personal and political vendettas seeking to criminalize policy differences and run roughshod over the civil liberties of defendants and their families.  This is what has happened with Robert Muller’s investigation of purported collusion in the 2016 election between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and elements of the Russian Government.

The brutal facts for leftist conspiratorial fantasists is that Trump won that campaign fair and square due to Hillary Clinton’s manifold political weaknesses and personal corruption along with the American electorate’s desire for change after eight years of Barack Hussein Obama’s corrupt and incompetent presidency.  This desire to criminalize political differences has been inherent in the political left since at least the Watergate era.  While Paul Manafort and Gary Cohen may be far from political sanctity, they do not deserve to have their houses and offices raided in the wee hours of the morning using totalitarian tactics that would be applauded by the Soviet KGB and Nazi secret police.  We are in acute trouble as a society professing adherence to constitutional governance when attorney-client confidentiality is trampled over by rampaging prosecutorial mobs and when prosecutors go on fishing expeditions by considering as a credible witness a pornographic actress who claims that she had an affair with President Trump long before he sought elected office as a credible witness and when they go outside the boundaries of the charge they are given by the Deputy Attorney General to pursue any lead no matter how tenuously that lead is connected to reality let alone with evidence relevant to the case.

The pathetic desire of some in Congress to protect Muller’s rampaging activities is a pathetic example of the desire to deify legal mob rule at all costs.  The Special Counsel law needs drastic reform by Congress.  Essential elements of such reform include:

  1. Limiting the time period of the counsel’s commission to one year.
  2. Assigning a strict budget to the counsel and requiring them to seek congressional approval to increase that budget if they go over it’s initial public appropriation.
  3. Reporting to Congress every three months on the progress made in the investigation and stating how close they are to concluding the investigation.
  4. Requiring that counsel staff not be associated with a political party contrary tot he heavily Democratic tilt of many of Muller’s personnel.
  5. The counsel and staff being subject to disciplinary action including firing and disbarment if they violate the civil liberties of investigated individual(s) during the investigative process.
  6. Being required to publicly testify before the House and Senate Judiciary Committees at any time these committees request it.
  7. If the counsel and their staff fail to complete their work in one year, their commission is terminated and any further legal proceedings must be initiated by normal federal court judicial procedures following standard criminal and or civil rules of evidence along with constitutional protections.

Dueling Intelligence Committee Memos

Recently,  House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes of California released a carefully worded memo describing how the Obama Administration’s Justice Dept. had targeted a Trump campaign envoy with an intelligence community investigation.  This individual may have had some contact with Russian representatives, but the memo’s findings demonstrated that Obama’s Justice Dept., the Democratic National Committee, and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign were so desperate to win that they abused federal power to target an American citizen who was not an emissary of Russia or any other foreign government.

Based on the histrionic responses of the Democratic illuminati, you would think that the public release of the memo and it’s approval by President Trump, constituted a Pearl Harbor like decapitation of national security, and did grave injury to America’s criminal justice system.  This is particularly rich coming from a party who has glorified criminal thugs such as Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers in recent decades, sought to reduce the ability of law enforcement and intelligence professionals to carry out their missions against criminal and subversive activities, and had former Attorney General Rassenfuhrer Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress for refusing to disclose information to Congress on the botched Operation Fast and Furious.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff, an unctuous and self-serving prick from California, has written a 10 page memo which he and Democratic cognoscenti claim will present the Democrats view of Obama Administration abuses of power.  Normally, in the instance of public disclosure, I would favor releasing this delusional screed so the public can see how the “Democratic mind” remains swallowed up in conspiratorial fantasies.   After reading this document, President Trump and his legal advisors wisely decided it was so full of conspiratorial and libelous assertions, along with revelations of U.S. intelligence sources and methods, that it should not see the light of day.  Giving the Democrats propensity for leaking anything perceived to be injurious to Trump, I would not be surprised if it eventually shows up in the Washington Post or some other leftist toilet paper and given the adulation Bradley Manning’s Wikileaks disclosures received.

Congressional intelligence committee members have a sacred responsibility to keep the secret the intelligence operations, methods, and analysis they oversee.  Disclosure of such activities has cost the lives of U.S. intelligence agents and informers and those of allied countries and movements.  The Democrats delusional efforts to paint the Trump Administration as being in collusion with Russia have gone beyond the point of partisan angst had reached McCarthyite and Salem Witch Trial levels.  Democrats conveniently forget that it is their party which once contained large numbers of Communists or Communist sympathizers, established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China, excused Soviet active measures during the Cold War, and started a disastrously failed reset policy with Russia.  While Republican Administrations have not been without shortcomings in dealing with Russia, the greatest successes in advancing U.S. relations with Russia have occurred under Republican presidential administrations and the supposedly collusionary Trump Administration, has sanctioned Russian oligarchs, provided weapons to Ukraine, and designated Russia as a major threat to U.S. national security in its national security strategy and recently released nuclear posture review.  This administration has also seen through Congress passage of a significant increase in defense spending, which will began to strengthen our geopolitical bargaining power and retaliatory capabilities against Russia’s revisionist power aspirations.

It is likely there will be more memos coming from Chairman Nunes and other congressional oversight panels documenting the Obama Administration’s determination to destroy Trump’s presidential campaign as they released the full train wreck of Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.  The Democrats will continue their banshee like bloviating as the American people and the world realize what a pathetic bunch of poseurs they are seeking to hold on to power at all costs due to their realization that the defeat of Hillary Clinton would expose their criminal conduct and incompetence in national security affairs during the Obama Administration.

Let me Crash at Your Place Chuck Schumer

We’ve managed to land in the bizarre world of a government shutdown.  Although Republicans have tenuous control of the House and Senate, along with the presidency, the U.S.’ Senate’s inefficient and obsolete rules requiring the approval of 60 Senators to move forward with business has been one of the key factors facilitating this shutdown.  Another  key factor in bringing this about is Senate Minority Leader New York’s Chuck Schumer.

Schumer and the Democrats have developed such a romantic infatuation with the children of illegal immigrants, euphemistically known as Dreamers, that they have thrown all common sense out of the window and decided it is worth shutting down the government to reward the behavior of illegal immigrants and their families.  There has even been public rhetoric from some Democratic circles that they support illegal immigrants in the hopes that they can become a permanent part of the Democrats electoral coalition and restore the party of Jackson and Jefferson to the halcyon status of controlling Congress and the presidency.

Since the Democrats now favor trespassing by illegal immigrants as a core component of their political platform let me, in the spirit of Jonathan Swift, make a few modest proposals.  Do Democratic members of Congress favor allowing illegal immigrants to stay in their residences from Manhattan’s Upper East Side to Malibu at their own expense? Are they willing to personally pay for these individuals education, health care, food, drink, legal expenses if they actually get caught breaking the law again, transportation expenses, recreation expenses etc.?  Let me make another modest proposal Senator Schumer.  Can I crash at your place and have you take care of my expenses and aspirations for la vie belle?

I don’t know which New York City borough Schumer lives in, but it would be nice to share his undoubtedly luxuriant domicile with him.  I could get exposed to his high-flying leftist financial and politico amigos.  He could take me to eat at the Big Apple’s many  fine eateries including Delmonico’s and the Russian Tea Room and I wouldn’t have to pay a cent.  Uncle Chuck would let me have free subway and taxi passes along with free medical care.  Maybe I could travel with him on various domestic and international junkets at taxpayer expense.  I would have an unlimited line of credit at New York’s finest retail venues.  Chuckie should also know that as a renaissance individual with interests encompassing  sports and culture, I would also need to have ready and timely access to numerous sporting events, Broadway shows, the Metropolitan Opera, and museum memberships.  So I would need to have a premier membership at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Put me down for the $600 level, Uncle Chuck.

Since Chuck is so fond of appearing on TV, I can be his consigliere and appear on TV with him.  If I’m really nice to him, maybe he’ll let me comment on affairs of state.

This shutdown illustrates how far leftist group identity politics has taken hold of the Democrats.   Working class Democrats who voted for Donald Trump in 2016, should know by now that the Democrats are no longer a tribune for the working class which they have unctuously proclaimed they are for over two centuries.  Instead, they have become the party of isolated sections of affluent secularist cognoscenti from both oceanic  coasts and isolated enclaves in between.  They are totally indifferent to the economic and social costs of illegal immigration demonstrated by phenomena as varied as Islamist immigration, the growing drug trade which, unfortunately, has been aided and abetted by morally bankrupt Americans who think consuming illegal drugs gives them purpose, and by the murder of Kate Steinle and other law-abiding citizens who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now the congressional budget process is heavily dysfunctional.  I have written before that Congress should have a new budget ready to go by October 1 (the beginning of the fiscal new year) and that if it doesn’t members of Congress should go unpaid until the budget is complete.  This repeated reliance on continuing resolutions to fund the federal government is a procedure that individual consumers and businesses cannot do.  The federal government should demonstrate similar responsibility in its own budgetary processes.

If, however, we’re going to practice fiscal irresponsibility, political brinksmanship, and glorifying illegal behavior by immigrants who refuse to play by the rules, then I want Senator Chuck Schumer to become my sugar daddy and let me parasitically share his life in the Big Apple, Washington, and elsewhere.


Trump’s ****hole Country Comment: Crude but Correct

President Trump has recently incurred the fury of leftist social justice warriors and leftist group identity apparatchiks when he purportedly said the U.S. should not allow immigrants from ****hole countries and should aspire to admit immigrants from countries like Norway.  Trump’s comments even produced outrage from some hypersensitive conservatives.  The unfortunate reality is that Trump’s purported comments are factually correct and empirically measurable.

Many countries, including Afghanistan, Haiti, and significant swathes of countries in Central and South America, Africa, Mideast, Pacific Islands, and Asia have proven totally incapable of providing effective economic and social development, some modicum of political transparency, minimal human rights protections, and other attributes of stable and productive members of the international community for decades and centuries.

This phenomenon was illustrated last night on the season premier of the PBS’ Masterpiece Theater production on the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign.  An issue confronting her, Prince Albert, and the British Government was a disastrous military expedition to Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of nearly 4,000 British soldiers.  Conservative Prime Minister Robert Peel and the Duke of Wellington both criticized the previous Whig Government of Lord Melbourne and Lord Palmerston for authorizing this disastrous decision saying that Afghanistan was a country of essentially ungovernable savages.

This phenomenon of perpetually failed states is documented in all kinds of easily accessible data, visual analytics, photographs, and scholarly literature.  Read histories of these countries and you’ll note the perpetual failures of these countries which can no longer be blamed on foreign colonialism.  Haiti, for instance, has been independent of France for over two centuries, and is the personification of a failed nation state due to a series of corrupt rulers like the Duvalier family and Jean-Bertrand Aristide.  No amount of foreign aid from well-intentioned countries like the U.S. and other democratic countries can escape this reality.

Documentation on political corruption is provided by websites like Transparency International and such political corruption and chronic social and economic failures can produce ****holes even in portions of the world’s allegedly most advanced and economically developed countries like the U.S.  Additional documentation on the perpetual failings of countries is produced by the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations Human Development reports, World Bank, and a plethora of U.S. Government reports including those produced by the U.S. Agency for International Development, annual State Department reports on human rights, religious freedom, human trafficking, terrorism, and narcotics trafficking.  

The CIA’s annual World Factbook also offers quick data on the abysmal performance of many countries around the world over decades.  Similarly tales of perpetual national dysfunction can be found in think tank literature, numerous scholarly analyses, and quality journalistic investigations on a global scale.  For the perpetually offended who are insulted by the idea that a President or prominent national leaders can make crude comments about friendly or hostile national countries, their leaders, cultures, and institutions, STUDY HISTORY!  There are plenty of publicly accessible government documents, memoirs, and secondary source accounts documenting the candid and unbridled and undiplomatic comments national civilian and military leaders, from all over the world, have made about friendly or hostile countries during their dealings with individuals and institutions from these countries.

Studying foreign policy and making domestic policy decisions on vexatious subjects like immigration should be done with careful adherence to historical facts and empirical evidence, even if this produces unpleasant truths that are unpalatable to sensitive group identity political aspirations.  Multicultural kum by ya sentiments have no place in governmental policymaking on critical public policy issues.  Those crying racism and hate towards those expressing disapproval of liberal identitarian politics have zero credibility and deserve having their views marginalized!


Sexual Harassment Saga

Media headlines have been saturated with stories of sexual harassment.  This immoral behavior should be condemned regardless of whether it occurs in entertainment, education, politics, business, or other societal sectors.  There is, however, considerable hypocrisy in many of the denunciations of such sexual behavior.  Many of the most vociferous critics of this behavior have encouraged sexually promiscuous behavior for decades in their writings, speeches, media pronouncements, tweets, and personal fashion choices.

Our society is reaping the whirlwind of abandoning God and embracing moral relativism, unrestrained hedonism, and rejecting biblically mandated and empirically superior heterosexual behavior.  When we say anything is sexually permissible and that there are no absolute standards of right or wrong, we should not be surprised when unrestrained promiscuity is the inevitable result.

In addition to hedonist and secularist liberals, many alleged Christians have consciously chosen to succumb to sexual sin.  Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is one such example.  While the timing of the charges of sexual immorality by Moore is remarkably politically convenient for his opponents, Moore has brought this on himself.  This man who once had the courage to defend posting the Ten Commandments outside Alabama’s State Capitol and to defy judicial zealots who sought to impose same-sex marriage through the courts has turned out to be on the same sexually immoral plateau as Bill Clinton and the Kennedy’s.  He is no longer capable of being an effective Senator for Alab Ama and that state’s voters should write in Luther Strange’s name so they don’t let themselves be embarrassed by Moore or their interests damaged by electing an avowedly abortionist Democrat.

The liberal Democrats, the alleged protectors of women’s rights, are also at least equally guilty of hypocrisy on this subject.  Minnesota Senator Al Franken refuses to resign after clear photographic and documentary evidence has shown that he remains a hormonal comic prankster instead of a serious Senator when it comes to treating women.  Long-term Michigan Rep.  John Conyers (a key reason for Detroit’s decline into depravity) has recently had to settle with at least one woman who worked for him and provided evidence that he used his power to indulge his sexual depravities.  It’s particularly galling that both Franken and Conyers serve on the Judiciary Committees in their congressional chambers with Conyers actually chairing the House Judiciary Committee in the not-to-distant past.  Conyers should do more than surrender his ranking member position on this committee; he needs to resign although it’s highly probable the constituents in his district are so morally clueless they will send another poverty and race hustler to replace him.

Charges like this must be thoroughly investigated and due process must occur.  We know all to well the fraudulence of the Duke University lacrosse team and the University of Virginia fraternity false rape allegations to uncritically accept all charges of sexual harassment.  We need to remember human failings such as drunkenness, drug abuse, promiscuity, faulty memories, the lust for money and publicity, narcissism, and the craving for huge lawsuit payments can motivate many filing sexual harassment complaints.

This should be a series of teachable moments for our society on the need for sobriety, chastity outside of heterosexual marriage, taking responsibility for all our actions all the time, and not letting ourselves get into positions where we can compromise the values we claim to cherish.  To put it bluntly, men need to be gentlemen in their conduct toward women and women need to act like self-respecting women in their interactions with men.

Confederate Memorial Hysterics

The infantile and destructive hysteria over Confederate memorials reflects elements of society totally succumbing to group identity politics and secularist despotism.  Confederate personalities commemorated in these memorials are dead and have received perfect judgment from God for their actions as we all will when we die!  No sanctimonious bloviating and destructive violence by social justice warriors can erase the reality of what these individuals did or improve one’s sense of personal identity or well-being.  Any individual who has a hysterical physiological reaction to the presence of long-dead Confederate soldiers or governmental leaders needs serious moral and psychological therapy.

History’s good, bad, and ambiguous aspects must be told with unflinching truth using all available evidence.  Crying racism, bigotry, and hate toward every individual or idea you disagree with signifies total intellectual and moral immaturity.  Those advocating tearing down Confederate memorials should remember that they are opening the door to legal or criminal attempts to remove and destroy statutes and historical documentation of causes they may approve of such as Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Harvey Milk, and other icons of the political left.  The greatest threat to our country and its historical legacy does not come from limited numbers of depraved Nazis or KKK members, but from self-appointed arbiters of group identity politics such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter who engage in coercive Islamist, Nazi, and Soviet bullying to impose their will on societal institutions such as government, education, and business.

Charlie Gard and the Price of Nationalized Health Care

During the first two weeks of July by wife and I were in England and Wales.  A story which received enormous British and international media attention involved the medical plight of Charlie Gard.  This young boy suffered from a medical condition which would result in his tragic and premature death.

A key feature of the Hippocratic oath, which all medical doctors allegedly adhere to, is that they should cause their patients no harm.  This did not happen in Gard’s case.  His parents justifiably believed that an experimental U.S. medical procedure could improve his condition and lessen his suffering.  Unfortunately, his British doctors, creatures of the nefarious government run National Health Service, essentially decided Charlie should no longer live.  When his parents wanted him to be able to spend his final earthly hours and days in a reassuring hospice setting, they callously refused the parents request and let him die in a hospital to strictly adhere to their bureaucratic requirements.

This case is a chilling illustrated of what happens when a government is given absolute power over medical decisions.  Proponents of single-payer health care, who have been reenergized by the failure of the Republican congress to pass Obamacare repeal and replace legislation, must be dancing in the streets of what happened to Charlie Gard.  We must never forget that anything the government can give us can arbitrarily be taken away, that Government is not God, and that government is not our mommy and daddy.  Health care decisions for anyone should be made by a collaboration between the patient, their family, and appropriate medical personnel based on a combination of scientific medical evidence while respecting the moral and religious values of the patient and their family.

While we were in downtown Cardiff, Wales we walked past statues of a number of prominent individuals in Welsh and British History.  One of these statutes was of Aneurin Bevan (1897-1960).  Bevin was the British Health Minister from 1945-1951 in the Labour Party government of Clement Attlee which took over from Winston Churchill after World War II.  This government was responsible for establishing the National Health Service which has become a bureaucratic and moral monstrosity restricting the moral autonomy of patients, their families, and professional medical personnel.

Social Justice warrior Bevan was so committed to socialized medicine, that he resigned his ministerial position in early 1951 when the Attlee Government transferred money from a National Insurance Fund to pay for rearmament in light of the emerging Soviet threat to British and Western security.  Bevan and the National Health Insurance continue causing grievous damage seven decades after their creation.  Some day, it would be nice if British public opinion could start having adult political conversations about effective and moral health care, instead of continuously throwing money at prostrating themselves before the Golden Calf of the National Health Service.

If we want to hear regular stories about tragedies like Charlie Gard, we will continue letting ourselves be seduced by the rhetorical blandishments of Barack Obama and other proponents of single-payer health care which should properly be called tyrannical statist health care.  Charlie Gard’s tragic death should serve as a wake up call for us to make our health system more individualized and market based instead of putting utopian trust in the leviathan state to manage what should be managed by we as individuals, our families, and professional medical personnel guided by scientific evidence and unswerving respect for the moral beliefs of individual patients and their families.