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Shutdown Saga


The federal fiscal year runs from October 1-Sept. 30 and FY 2014 got off to a rousing start with a government shutdown.  The term “shutdown” is something of an exaggeration since many government functions continue.  However, I understand and partially sympathize with the frustration of federal workers over being furloughed.  We must be honest that this came about due to the refusal of the Obama Administration and the Senate, malignantly personified by Majority Leader Harry Reid, to negotiate with Republicans on objectionable features over Obamacare, misnamed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and th uninterrupted and upward spiral of federal spending and national debt.  Obama and Reid should heed the sage advice of Indiana Senator Dan Coats who said that Americans voted for divided government.

Ignorant Obamite acolytes have indulged in all kinds of hysterical and apocalyptic rhetoric about the shutdown.  They conveniently forget that they would engage in similar tactics if a Republican President was in power.  Democrats are so enamored of increasing the dependence of Americans on the federal government that they are willing to drive the nation into physical and moral bankruptcy.  It is with good reason that our founders chose Article 1 Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution to give sole power for raising money to the House of Representatives.  It is providentially fortuitous that the House is currently controlled by the Republicans.  You would think that as a former constitutional law professor, Barack Obama would recognize this reality and realize that he needs to accommodate GOP objections to his signature health care legislation and other aspects of federal spending.

Unfortunately, Obama is a narcissistic fool clinging to his health care legislation like J.R.R. Tolkien’s character Gollum obsessed about the ring in the Lord of the Rings.  The stubbornness of Obama and Reid will, hopefully, produce the same politically ruinous results as Gollums’s deceit.  Obama can find time to negotiate with thugs like Vladimir Putin, Bashir Assad, and his new BFF Iranian President Rouhani but cannot address critical national issues because he thinks he’s superior to congressional Republicans.

Nations giving their national government preeminent control over the health care sector experience declining service quality, higher taxes, rationed care, poorer patient outcomes, and bureaucratic dominance in which political priorities, instead of the best needs of doctors and patients, become paramount.  Through this legislation, Obama, Reid, and their allies seek to impose an insidious slavery and totalitarian control on the critical doctor-patient relationship.  They seek to stifle innovation in medical practice and care by imposing a medical devices tax and get more individuals narcotically hooked on federal benefits and the constitutionally mythical belief of a “right to health care.”

While the shutdown is inconvenient for many people, congressional Republicans should hold firm.  They should continue trying to pass legislation to fund individual federal departments and force the Democrats to negotiate with them.  There have been comparisons with the 1995-1996 shutdowns, but in these lines of communication remained open between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich.  Obama arrogantly believes he doesn’t need congressional Republicans, but the fact of the matter is that in the 2010 and 2012 elections, the electorate chose divided government.  This storm over the shutdown pales in comparison to the looming showdown over increasing the national debt in two weeks.  As a general rule, I am against increasing the debt limit since must retain the national and international full faith and credit of our economy by restoring fiscal discipline.  We cannot sustain the growth of entitlement programs and the extra costs, probably woefully underestimated, which Obamacare provisions will inflict on our economy.  The American people are about to learn in the hardest way possible, the price they will have to pay for entrusting national leadership in the last two presidential elections and the last four Senate elections to the former Chicago community organizer and his Las Vegas gangster partner Harry Reid.


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