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Recent Good News from Australia


During a time period where we daily witness the Obama Administration’s domestic and international incompetence, I have the pleasure to bring good news to your attention.  A new government came to power in Australia last month which will bring hope to this country after six years of misgovernance.  In 2007, Australians let themselves be seduced by the siren song of leftist seduction and incompetence, when they toppled the 11 year government of John Howard and his conservative coalition which had brought increased international prestige and domestic prosperity to that country as well as eliminating their national debt.

Australians fell for the superficial Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd in the 2007 election.  Despite campaigning as a fiscal conservative, Rudd proved to be another leftist whose government would soon return Australia to debt.  Rudd proved an incompetent leader quarreling with many members of his Labour Party caucus including his deputy Julia Gillard.  In June 2010, just before having to go to the voters as part of Australia’s three-year election cycle, the Labour Party toppled Rudd from power replacing him from Gillard.  She proceeded to win a minority party government in that year’s election needing the help of the Green Party and other easily bought independents to cling to power.  The next three years were not pretty.  The Labour Government imposed a carbon tax which significantly increased consumer electric rates, imposed a mining tax which injured Australian mineral resources companies who play a key role in that country’s prosperity, managed to temporarily cut off beef to Indonesia which damaged Australia’s critical relationship with that neighboring and important country and Canberra’s important agricultural export industry.  Another programmatic fiasco was a green energy initiative to place “environmentally friendly” insulation into homes which produced fires in some of these residences resulting in death.  Australian immigration policy also suffered as the country experienced an increase in illegal immigration by smugglers using fragile boats to bring illegal aliens to Australia.  This problem had been dealt with firmly by the Howard Government, but the weak-willed Rudd and Gillard administrations dithered and made their country a soft target for illegal immigration.

These problems were further exacerbated by the reality show soap opera relationship between Rudd and Gillard.  After being toppled in 2010, Rudd made two unsuccessful attempts to topple Gillard as Labour Party leader while also serving as Foreign Minister.  Rudd, despite proclaiming himself a  Christian, decided to lift his finger into the wind, and support same-sex marriage in this year’s election campaign.  Although an atheist living with her boyfriend, Gillard actually opposed same sex marriage.  Gillard also played the feminist card when she would accuse her critics of misogyny.  When her poll ratings sank below Antarctic winter temperatures earlier this year, Rudd and other Labour Party apparatchiksiseized power from her and Gillard decided to retire.

Australian voters had enough of this incompetence and amateurism, so on September 7,  they tossed Rudd and Labour out of power and returned to adult leadership and conservative competence under the leadership of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.  Abbott is a staunch conservative who served as Health Minister during the Howard Government.  He is a Rhodes Scholar, fitness fanatic, devout Catholic, and has done extensive volunteer work in various worthy causes while representing the suburban Sydney district of Warringah.  His wife is Margie, and they have three daughters”:  Louise, Bridget, and Francis who are articulate and quite attractive.  His book Battle Lines (published by Melbourne University Press) gives a good overview of his philosophical moorings.  American readers should remember that in Australian politics Abbott’s Liberal Party uses the term liberal in the classical sense of adhering to maximum economic freedom.

Abbott and his government are beginning the process of reopening Australian economic performance by restraining unnecessary spending and eliminating the carbon tax.  Many of his cabinet members served in the Howard Government and his Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will present a positive image as it manages critical relationships with Indonesia, China, Japan, and the United States.  In fact, Abbott’s first foreign trip was to Indonesia.

Bishop is the only woman in the inner cabinet and this has attracted criticism from diversity cult adherents down under.  Although there are other women in positions of authority in Abbott’s outer cabinet, he knows that leadership must be merit based instead of adhering to delusions of gender equity.  One example of a meritorious women advising Abbott is his Chief of Staff Peta Credlin who, like the Chief of Staff to the U.S. President, serves as the gatekeeper for those seeking access to the Prime Minister.  This is a position of real power earned by merit and trust instead of gender tokenism.

Abbott’s critics forget that it takes time to learn the skills necessary to be a Cabinet minister in a parliamentary government and that cabinet reshuffles in such governments occur on a regular basis.  Consequentially, there will eventually be more female members in Abbott’s senior cabinet.  There would have been another woman in the senior cabinet in shadow Science and Industry Minister Sophie Mirabella had not lost her House of Representatives reelection campaign for the rural Victorian seat of Indi.

Abbott believes in the anglosphere and will be a staunch ally of the U.S. in it’s tilt to the Asia-Pacific region.  Hopefully, his government’s skills will rub off on the increasingly incompetent and irrelevant Barack Obama who to miss the important Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum conference due to his gross incompetence in allowing the government shutdown to occur.  Obama’s failure to be at this conference leaves China to dominate the show and causes anxiety among our Asia-Pacific allies who are concerned about China’s rise to prominence.  American conservatives should look forward to the Abbott Government’s eventual accomplishments and take heart that Australian voters rejected Labour’s leftist nostrums and the Obama Administration’s attempts to help Labour in their most recent campaign.


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