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Shutdown and Kick the Debt Can


We’ve seen this movie before.  Another debt ceiling extension approaches although this time the drama was heightened by a two week old government shutdown which caused minor inconvenience and produced histrionics from statist sources.  Our leaders had a chance to begin seriously dealing with our unsustainable entitlement programs and national debt problems.  Did we start addressing them?  Of course, not!

We passed another temporary borrowing authority extension and kicked the can again.  Although the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are still a few months away, we can award ourselves the gold medal for failing to deal with national economic problems.  It was not a total defeat for conservatism since we retained 2011 sequestration spending levels and inserted income verification requirements for Obamacare recipients.

However, we let ourselves get played by the Obama Administration, Senate Democrats, leftist media bias, and Tea Party inability to count votes.  We could have used the abysmally incompetent rollout of Obamacare enrollment due highlight this program’s egregious shortcomings.  Unfortunately, we clinged to the chimerical illusion that Obamacare could be defunded now when we don’t have the votes to do that.  This is a process that will take time and Ted Cruz, admirable though he is in many ways, and other Tea Party enthusiasts need to understand the need for prudent long-term planning in their efforts to achieve political objectives.  Overturning Obamacare will not be a quick blitzkrieg but a long war of attrition.

It’s also time for fellow Republicans to close the circular firing circle and recognize that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are our enemies.  I’m frankly tired of the anti-establishment babbling coming from some Tea Party adherents.  That sounds like pathetic Saul Alinsky leftist whining instead of responsibly exercising power.  The fact of the matter is that the GOP has been a conservative party since the Reagan Administration.  There are plenty of tactical differences between party members on how to achieve political goals but we need to quit squabbling like spoiled kids.  Running government is an adult activity and the conservative cause does not benefit from ignorant twits crying RINO at experienced policymakers and activists who don’t agree with their petulant tactics.  It’s especially sad to see figures like Karl Rove and Lindsey Graham receive such opprobrium from intellectual dimwits who probably don’t know the difference between a continuing resolution and appropriation and who were asleep during their high school government class.

At the same time, GOP policymakers need to be aware of grassroots activist concerns and demonstrate real tenacity and ruthlessness in fighting for our goals.  These policymakers will have another opportunity in a few months to continue fighting for real budgetary and entitlement reform.  Additional opportunities to fight for conservative principles and effective policymaking will also be provided by the Senate confirmation processes for questionable Federal Reserve Board Chair and Secretary of Homeland Security nominees with the latter nominee being nothing more than a money raising bag man for Barack Obama.  Conservatives also have the opportunity to reject dangerously misguided “immigration reform” legislation and produce more effective immigration reform legislation which will secure our borders and promote greater assimilation into anglospheric culture by new immigrants.  We also need to press for reducing unnecessary regulations which stifle economic growth and job creation (yet another chance to weaken Obamacare), promote greater energy  independence, and continue investigating and achieving prosecutions and convictions of Obama Administration scandals such as Obamacare, the out of control IRS, and the Benghazi consulate attack.

Prudence and political perseverance and tenacity must mark our steps in the coming weeks and months.  We may be temporarily down in the polls due to the shutdown, but public disenchantment with Obamacare and the failure to effectively address our fiscal problems will give us the opportunity to rebound.  Obama is practically a lame-duck President anyway, and we must remember that favorable 2010 redistricting will help us in 2014 House elections and also remember that the party out of power usually does well in the sixth year election of a presidency as 1986 and 2006 demonstrate. Tea Party members must become serious about providing competent and effective government and quit engaging in unrealistic grandstanding for us to achieve our objectives of retaining the House in 2014 and gaining control of the Senate as well.  The time for childishness has ended and the time for mature, focused, disciplined, and pragmatic adult leadership must begin!


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