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The Obama Administration’s Scandals: What Accountability?


The Obama Administration came to office nearly five years ago promising hope and change and the most transparent administration in history.  Those delusions, which the electorate twice let themselves be fooled by, are blowing away like tumbleweed on the Great Plains.  Let’s begin with the biggest fiasco of all:  the health care enrollment website.  The multiple flaws of Obama’s “signature” legislation are becoming more apparent and will inevitably collapse of their own weight.  If any conventional online retailer such as Amazon or Ebay had an website incapable of dealing with traffic for nearly a month both of these companies would be bankrupt and in the dustbin of American retail history.  The Obama Administration had over three years to put together a website that would be easy to use and provide users with detailed options and has failed miserably.

We are already seeing many individuals and families lose their private insurance coverage because their policies do not meet Obama’s lofty standards.  This results in individuals having to pay higher than expected costs for themselves and their families to get enrolled in Obamacare exchanges.  Obama and his acolytes repeatedly claimed that individuals and families could keep their existing policies if they liked them.  That has not proven to be the case as Fox News recently revealed when it uncovered the exact opposite reality in a July 2010 IRS Internal Revenue Bulletin ruling.  Obama has repeatedly committed perjury by claiming this and consequentially has crossed the high crimes and misdemeanors and abuse of power threshold for impeachment.   The lofty one size fits all standards of Obamacare are going to have a very negative effect on employee hiring.

The administration has repeatedly promised data on Obamacare enrollees and failed to deliver.  On October 21, Indiana’s GOP congressional delegation sent a letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius asking how many Hoosiers had enrolled.  A response has not been received.  The number of enrollees nationwide has been so embarrassingly low that we are now told it will be mid-November before that figure is released.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for this.  The Administration has claimed that the website will be up and running by the end of November, two months after “launch” to accommodate the late rush of registrants who must be registered to comply with this heinous legislation.  You’re more likely to see the pandas at the National Zoo recite Sun Tzu’s The Art of War before this happens.

Yet Obama Administration accountability for this incompetence and criminality is, to quote Ecclesiastes, “chasing after the wind.”  The head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, testifying today before the House Ways & Means Committee, refused to fall on her sword and take responsibility.  Testifying before the  House Energy and Commerce Committee last week, various private sector tech contracts blamed the Obama Administration without telling why they let themselves become involved in such an incompetently run endeavor.  Tomorrow, Kathleen Sebelius will finally fine time in her “busy” schedule to testify before Congress about this abysmal failure.  I hope Congress is so rough on her that they reduce the wicked abortionist witch of the west to tears.

We have ample experience with how government run health care produces longer wait times, worse patient outcomes, and lower service quality in countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom.  Do we have to learn the painful lessons these countries and their medical consumers have had to learn over several decades?  Will the ongoing fiasco of Obamacare cause the administration to exacerbate the situation by going for single-payer health care?

We are still waiting for Hillary Clinton to be held accountable and take responsibility for the botched handling of the Benghazi bombing which was vividly illustrated in a 60 Minutes story this past Sunday.  EPA officials have not been held accountable for their attempts to drive the coal industry out of business threatening the livelihoods of thousands of workers and their families and jeopardizing the future of one of our leading domestic energy resources due to their reflexive hostility to this resource because it is insufficiently “green and clean.”

There has been no accountability for Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious fiasco although Attorney General received a well-deserved contempt of Congress resolution from the House for his culpability in this matter.  In addition, no one in the IRS has lost their jobs for targeting conservative and pro-Israeli nonprofit organizations for not genuflecting before the presidential narcissist in chief.

In Barack Obama’s administration, no one is held accountable and forced to lose their job for incompetent performance and criminal behavior.  It has been said that a fish rots from the head down and this is true of the Obama Administration.  Barack Obama is becoming increasingly irrelevant and the health care enrollment meltdown, hopefully, will be the first widespread sign of buyers remorse for being seduced by this Chicago charlatan and consummate con artist.


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