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Potential Obama Administration Unemployment Statistical Manipulation


Earlier this week, the New York Post reported that monthly unemployment statistics may have been manipulated for Barack Obama’s presidential election last year.  Unemployment statistics are compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau.  These statistics give a somewhat accurate indication of national, state, and even local unemployment rates.  They probably do not go into sufficient depth in analyzing partial employment and underemployment.  Nevertheless, they are an important economic indicator and it is absolutely imperative they be collected and disseminated impartially.

The New York Post’s account appears to indicate that survey takers in the Philadelphia area overstated the number of jobs which has been created and this enabled a .3% improvement in the unemployment rate to 7.8% to be published as the this rate for September 2012.  Remember the political context at this time.  Barack Obama had been taken to school by Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the first presidential debate and accounts published since then indicate the presence of acute panic in the Obama reelection campaign.   Obama was also drawing fire for his abysmal and fraudulent response to the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack a few weeks earlier.

 While full congressional and Commerce Dept. Inspector General investigations on this are forthcoming, it is highly probable that given the Chicago origins of Barack Obama and his key political advisors that pressure may have been applied on those compiling unemployment statistics, to take advantage of all possible opportunities to bolster Obama’s then flagging reelection prospects.  We must not forget that Barack Obama and his advisors will stop at nothing to preserve the “pristine” image of the narcissistic “messiah” even if ethically dubious steps must be taken to maintain his aura of “sanctity” to his leftist sycophants.

If this is the case, then yet another layer of distrust will have been erected between the government and the people.  Government statistics need to be absolutely transparent and honest due to their importance in domestic and international economic activity and decision making.  Such statistics also document scholarly analysis of economic activity and are used by a wide variety of individuals and organizations.  Besides corrupting our health care system, criminal justice operations, tax collection, social policy, foreign policy, and national security policy; this embryonic scandal may add federal economic statistics to the rap sheet of the Obama Administration’s felonious record of governance.


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