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The Gales of Iranian Nuclear Proliferation


In 1976 Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot memorialized the tragic Lake Superior wreck of the ship Edmund Fitzgerald killing 29.  A line in this song referred to the gales of November coming early.  This weekend we learned the gales of November can come late in the month and have much greater and costly impact than a Great Lakes storm and ship sinking.  The Obama Administration, it’s signature health care policy taking on water like the Titanic, has resorted to a dangerous foreign policy and international security scheme to divert attention from its manifold domestic failures.  It has also fallen prey to the desire of some second-term Presidents to turn to foreign policy accomplishments to enhance their “legacy.”

Working with other international partners following a year of secret negotiations with Iran, the U.S. has announced a provisional agreement with Iran in which the mullahs will allegedly temporarily suspend their nuclear program for six months in return for an easing of sanctions imposed by the international community.  These sanctions, affecting the Iranian, energy and financial sectors, have had some positive effect on pressuring Iran’s theocratic regime.  Unfortunately, Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are absolutely delusional if they think that Iran will voluntarily end its theological derived mission to acquire nuclear weapons and cooperate with international arms control inspectors or international regimes like the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The Iranian revolution and hostage crisis of 1978-1981 are one of the key formative events in my political thinking.  As a high school student and undergraduate, I saw the barbarous nature of the Khomeini regime and its determination to impose its messianic version of Shia Islam on the region and the world.   I highly recommend viewing the video Iranium to understand Tehran’s long-term intentions.
Despite a great historical past, chronicled in the Bible and many classic works of history, Iran succumbed to the evils of Islam centuries ago and the regime which came to power in 1979 remains in place today and its constitution makes it a sacred obligation to impose its belief in a mythical 12th imam onto the world outside of Iran’s geographic boundaries.  Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of state-supported terrorism.  It created and supplies the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip; has heavily supported Syria’s Assad regime; has provided high-powered weapons to anti-American terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan which have killed numerous Americans; was responsible for the 1983 Marine barack bombings in Beirut Lebanon; works actively to promote its interests in Armenia  to get other countries to defy western economic sanctions on Iran; has worked closely with Russia and China to lessen the severity of international sanctions; instigated the 1992 and 1994 bombings of Jewish targets in Argentina; has cultivated ties with rogue regimes in Latin America such as Venezuela and Nicaragua; has developed ties with other Latin American narco-trafficking groups; and is one of the world’s worst abusers of human rights targeting Jews, Christians, women, and freedom seeking Iranians.  It has also vowed to wipe Israel off the map and called Israel a cancer.

The actual cancer in the Mideast, besides the “religion” of Islam, is the country of Iran.  The U.S. and other western powers are deluding themselves into thinking that Iran can be contained and that is responsive to secularist conceptions of rationalism and national self-interest.  The proposed agreement does not give the international community access to ALL of Iran’s nuclear facilities and past experience indicates Iran will do everything it can to conceal its most sensitive nuclear programs from international inspectors and actively deceive these monitoring efforts.   While Americans may be tired of war, militant Islam is not and a nuclear-armed Iran would be an existential security threat to Israel and other countries in that region.  If Iran successfully obtains nuclear weapons, which this agreement makes more likely, it will lead to nuclear proliferation in that region as Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states are likely to develop nuclear weapons arsenals.  Israel is also likely to launch attempts to destroy Iran’s nuclear arsenal though I fear Tehran’s capability is so dispersed geographically that even Israel’s highly skilled Air Force would be unable to destroy it all.

A nuclear-armed Iran could use its Hizbollah proxies in Lebanon and elsewhere to base nuclear armed missiles which could attack a variety of areas in the Mideast and significant parts of Europe.  If Iran gains a foothold in Latin America, it could base nuclear weapons in allied countries such as Venezuela and directly threaten our Latin American and Caribbean allies and even the U.S. homeland.  Iran could also use its proxies to smuggle nuclear weapons into or near U.S. ports and detonate them causing considerable havoc and fatalities.  it could also chose to use a nuclear capability to detonate an electromagnetic pulse weapon in the atmosphere which would cause tremendous damage to societal infrastructure and fatalities in all sectors of society.

We should follow the wisdom of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and reject this pathetic vestige of Neville Chamberlain-like appeasement.  We need to step up efforts to support Iranians who oppose the clerical regime and the damage it has done to this country and we also need to prepare domestic and international opinion for the ruthlessly sustained military strikes and operations by the U.S., Israel, and Arabian Gulf states necessary to destroy this regime if we truly desire to keep it from developing a nuclear weapons capability.  For over three and a half decades, Tehran has become convinced that we are made of mush and that we can be bullied.  Our behavior in North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan has emboldened the mullahs and their multifaceted military and propaganda units.  We must quit viewing the Iranian regime in mirror image terms and treat them like the sadistic barbarians that they are.  A nuclear-armed Iran would be an existential global security catastrophe!


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