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More Obama Administration National Security and Foreign Policy Incompetence


Three separate but ongoing incidents reveal continued Obama Administration foreign policy and national security incompetence. One of these events is the forthcoming memoir by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.  In excerpts which have been publicly revealed to this point, Gates rightly slams Obama for not believing in his surge strategy for Afghanistan and being more interested in withdrawing from Afghanistan for domestic political reasons instead of actually being committed to improving the situation in that benighted country and trying to win the war there.

When a President commits troops to a military operation, he or she must be wholeheartedly behind them and give them whatever it takes to achieve victory.  While tactical and strategic modifications may be necessary to achieve successful results, the decision to risk the lives of American soldiers in combat must be grounded in the desire to win instead of the desire to placate ideological soulmate constituencies domestically or the perceptions of international friends or enemies who may not want a successful conclusion to military operations in Afghanistan.  Gates is also right to slam Joe Biden for being so consistently wrong on foreign policy issues over several decades and Hillary Clinton for her  calculated political opposition to the successful Iraq surge in 2007.

At the same time, Gates demonstrates schizophrenia when he praises some aspects of Obama’s foreign policy decision-making and engages in similar praise for Biden and Clinton’s decision-making in international affairs.  Readers should also note that Gates continued his two years as Secretary of Defense with President George W. Bush by serving the same amount of time under Obama.  Did he share these criticisms and concerns of Obama Administration policymaking directly to the faces of Obama, Biden, or Clinton or, being the skilled professional administrative policymaker that he is, did he consciously wait till publication of his memoir to jab his former boss?  We also must not forget that Gates went along with many ill-advised Obama Administration national security policymaking initiatives such as ending the don’t ask don’t tell policy and permitting the beginning of anti-Christian policies within the military.  Gates is not an innocent in these matters who has become “shocked shocked” that gambling is occurring in the community  organizer’s casino.

Another demonstration of Obama Administration incompetence is being provided in our critically important bilateral relationship with  India.  An Indian diplomat with that country’s UN Mission in New York, is being charged with violating sundry U.S. laws by hiring an illegal immigrant as a nanny and paying her less than U.S. minimum wage.  This is unfortunate, but this diplomat was subject to intrusive and unnecessary searches by the Transportation Security Administration and is now being targeted in a vendetta by a New York City U.S. Attorney.  This is something that should be settled quietly outside of the media glare and the blogosphere.

Repercussions from this include U.S. diplomats in India being subject to nitpicking retaliatory measures by India’s Foreign Ministry and increasing anti-U.S. Government hostility in India playing out in the media.  As the world’s largest democracy and an increasingly important economic and political power, India is vitally important to U.S. geopolitical interests.  Significant progress in Indian-U.S. relations was made during the George W. Bush Administration as demonstrated by the nuclear agreement between our two countries.  We cooperate regularly with India in a variety of military matters and India’s cooperation and support are essential if we are to keep China from becoming a global hegemony capable of threatening U.S. interests.  India is a proud and increasingly important country and its diplomatic personnel should not be subject to such anal retentive legalisms. Yet, the incredibly short-sighted and incompetent Obama Administration wants to threaten a friendly country because one of its diplomats failed to dot her t’s and cross her i’s when it comes to U.S. immigration and labor laws.

Finally, we are witnessing the resurgence of Al Qaida in Iraq.  Several years ago, American forces spilled their blood conquering the Iraqi city of Fallujah and securing Anbar province in the Iraqi awakening.  This week we learned that Al Qaida forces had recaptured Fallujah and that the Iraqi Government has appealed for emergency U.S. military assistance to drive Al Qaida forces away.  While the Obama Administration has promised some assistance to the Iraqi Government, it’s overall response to Iraq is do emulate Pontius Pilate, wash their hands, and walk away from a country that is still struggling to establish its stability against a resurgent Islamist insurgency that sees the Obama Administration as weak-kneed and sniveling in its approach to militant Islam.

A popular political proverb is that elections have consequences and the 2012 election results, along with the events described in this posting, demonstrate that the American electorate let itself be fooled again in 2012 and chose to embrace the ineptitude and incompetence of Barack Obama as its commander-in-chief.




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