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Czar Cuomo: The Arbiter of Conservative Orthodoxy


During the Czarist period of Russian history that country’s absolute rulers would often issue documents called ukases, or edicts, which set forth government policy and the Czar’s personal beliefs on various subjects.  Of course, the beliefs of the national ruler, whether Czarist, Soviet Communist, or Putinite have coincided with national policy for much of Russian history.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has apparently arrogated to himself such absolutist notions and I don’t know whether he has ever traveled to Russia.  Recently Governor Cuomo, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, declaimed that conservatives, especially those of us adhering to pro-life views on abortion and the traditional view of marriage as being between a man and a woman, are not welcome residents of the Empire State.  This is an exceptionally breathtaking display of leftist arrogance, since there are advertisements on many television networks promoting New York’s receptivity to new business and innovation through various tax incentives.  Does this mean that Cuomo only wants businesses to come to New York whose owners adhere to his prevailing liberal ideological orthodoxy?  We should remember that Cuomo’s father, during his gubernatorial tenure, proclaimed that he was “personally against abortion” but, considering it more important to adhere to Democratic pro-abortion ideology, decided not to implement his purportedly personal views into public policy which might possibly have lessen the number of unborn children who are murdered during his gubernatorial tenure.

It is also galling that Andrew Cuomo thinks he is entitled to determine who is qualified to be a Republican or a conservative.  As a Democratic governor, I can understand his desire to determine proper ideological orthodoxy within Democratic and liberal ranks, but to think he’s entitled to approve which kind of Republicans or conservatives are entitled to reside in the one-time Empire State, which faces enormous budget and social problems, is hypocrisy and stupidity of the highest order.  Under New York’s statist governance, many businesses are leaving the land of Washington Irving and Thomas Cole and heading toward states which respect free market business principles, core constitutional precepts such as the 2nd Amendment, and traditional moral values.

There is some political speculation that Czar Cuomo may hold presidential aspirations if termagant Hillary Clinton decides not to throw her hat into the ring in 2016.  Perhaps, this imbecilic eruption on his part is an effort to curry favor with the national arbiters of “liberal ideological purity” with the party of the donkey.  At any rate, Cuomo’s bleatings and sanctimoniousness are yet another vivid illustration of the hypocrisy behind Democrats claims to be the party of inclusion, tolerance, and diversity.  While it’s to much to expect their to be an armed uprising against Czar Cuomo, we can hope that New Yorkers will realize what a diarrhetic horse’s posterior their Governor is and realize the absolute contempt held toward them by Americans rejecting the chimerical illusions of liberal ideology.


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