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A Panoply of Troubles: Obama Administration Domestic and Foreign Policy Meltdown


The past week has witnessed the continuing disintegration of the Obama Administration and the delusions which prompted its election and reelection.  Last week we were heartened by the resignation of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius aka the Wicked Abortionist Witch of the West.  Seblius will go down as the most incompent health policymaker in U.S. History.  She will justifiably be damned for her central role in administering the botched roll out of Obamacare but we must also remember that she was in on the policymaking for this bureaucratic and moral monstrosity from the beginning.  She was involved in creating the mandatory abortion/contraception requirement, the assaults against personal liberty, religious freedom, and the doctor patient relationship which are all core components of this monstrous leviathan.  She, along with Obama is also responsible for the large numbers of Americans who have lost previously acceptable health insurance coverage and in her incalculable arrogance and stupidity believed Americans could be forced into a one size fits all plan which does not reflect the individualized health requirements of Americans.  Americans will think of Sebelius in the same way they think of destructive tornadoes and other natural disasters except she is a human-caused disaster who has done incalculable and probably irreparable damage to America’s health care system.

Next we turn to the case of Rassenfuhrer Attorney General Eric Holder.  Testifying before a House Committee last week about his administration’s abysmal criminal justice policy failures, Holder essentially threatened Texas Rep.  Louie Gohmert for having the temerity to disagree with his performance.  Holder is also a confirmed member of the race-baiting establishment as he told his fellow race-baiting Gauleiters in an address before the National Action Network of the continued prevalence of what individuals and organizations of this ilk classify as institutional racism.  In light of Holder’s habitual penchant for instinctively charging his and Obama Administration critics with racism, I think protocol demands that we address him as Rassenfuhrer and say ja wohl Herr Rassenfuhrer anytime we we address him.

We also have the continuing saga of former IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner being cited for contempt of Congress by the House Ways & Means Committee.  Lerner still clings pathetically to the 5th Amendment when she refuses to provide information to  Congress about the Obama Administration’s politicized use of the IRS to target conservative individuals and organizations.

We also witnessed the latest episode in the long struggle between private property and federal power over land rights in Nevada which also applies to other western states.  The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management, which owns over half of the western U.S., sought to collect grazing fees from a Nevada rancher even though he should have paid that money to the state of Nevada which was what he wanted to do.  This agency, which has some legitimate stewardship responsibilities for lands it actually administers, nearly went into a renegade outlaw mode when it used armed personnel to threaten this rancher, his family, and their supporters with armed attack. An October 29, 2013 hearing by a House Natural Resources Committee Subcommittee vividly demonstrated the penchant of some federal land agencies to engage in thuggish behavior toward Western landowners. Fortunately, the situation has temporarily been defused, but it reflects the need for the federal government to sell off some of its western land resources and adhere to a more constitutionally restrained interpretation of property ownership.

Turning to the international scene, we witness continuing Russian attempts to achieve territorial aggrandizement in Eastern Ukraine.  Vladimir Putin has proven who could geopolitically outmaneuver Obama and the European Union even if he were punch drunk on vodka shots.  The European Union countries, due to their dependence on Russia for significant trade and oil and natural gas, has been a profile in abject cowardice on this topic.  The Obama Administration has been equally complicit in appeasement.  While it has imposed superficial sanctions on a few of Putin’s oligarch buddies, it has failed to demonstrate serious geopolitical street credibility by providing the Ukrainians with intelligence on Russian behavior and, more importantly, by refusing to provide the Ukrainians with light or heavy weapons to defend themselves against future and increasingly likely covert or overt Russian military strikes.  We should be less concerned with provoking the Russians and more concerned with defending the Ukrainians and the self-determination rights of countries in that part of the world which do not wish to be absorbed into a resurgent Soviet Union imitator.  We should also restore our missile defense systems to Poland and the Czech Republic, so stupidly withdrawn by the Obama Administration in 2009, and begin forward deploying NATO troops into Eastern Europe as a tangible sign of our willingness to make Putin pay a price he is unwilling to pay.

Sadly, our commander-in-chief is a disgraced community organizer who clings to a utopian and panglossian vision of international relations when the history of that part of the world irrefutably demonstrates the perpetual nature of conflict and the imperative of being willing and able to use superior military force to achieve national interests.


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