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John Kerry’s Anti-Israel Outburst


Many U.S. diplomatic historians regard Woodrow Wilson’s initial Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan as the worst Secretary of State in our history.  Recently, his depth of diplomatic incompetence was nearly approached by Hillary Clinton thanks to debacles such as Benghazi, failing to prevent Iran and North Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons, the Syrian Civil War, and numerous other follies.  Yet just when those of us concerned with America’s place in the world thought things had reached their nadir  along comes John Kerry.   The Beacon Hill bumpkin has already demonstrated his appalling incompetence by directing U.S. embassies and consulates to expostulate on the purported dangers of climate change as a key component of our bilateral relations with foreign countries.  He has, along with Barack  Obama, ensured that Syrian dictator Bashir Assad is likely to survive in power.  Kerry has also shown his appalling lamb like approach to international relations by allowing Russia to seize Crimea and threaten to seize parts of Eastern Ukraine without any serious or substantive response that would deter an expansionist thug like former KGB agent and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  In fact, Kerry who lives an incredibly sheltered live ignorant of the realities of Russian history and geopolitics, has denounced Putin’s policymaking as being a Cold War relic and unacceptable in his pollyannish vision of international statesmanship, when Putin’s adventurism and territorial expansionism are totally consistent with centuries of Russian/Soviet foreign policy behavior toward weaker neighbors.

However, Kerry’s stupidity recently descended to another level when he compared Israel to South Africa’s one-time apartheid government.  It’s pathetic that a man who once served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for most of his senatorial career and as that committee’s chair, would be so stupid when it comes to understanding our only real ally in the Mideast.  Israel is a multicultural democracy with Arab member of its legislative branch the Knesset, it has Arabs serving in its military, its law-abiding citizens of all races and creeds have constitutional freedoms and economic opportunities similar to ours.  Many U.S. and international leftists consider the 1980s fight against South Africa’s apartheid government to be a halcyon event in their political consciousness raising and evolution.  Unfortunately, those fighting against apartheid and their ideological spawn have taken the boycott and divest aspect of the anti-apartheid movement and applied it to Israel which is also a remarkably successful economy.  Adherents of this infantile economic and political cult think academic institutions and corporations should divest themselves of their Israeli investments and holdings to address purported Israeli  misdeeds against Palestineans.  These individuals and organizations forget the constant attempts of Palestineans to destroy Israel, how destroying Israel remains a key ideological keystone of the Hamas terrorist group, and the decades of anti-Jewish educational indoctrination given to Palestinean children and adults.  They also forget multiple Palestinean intifadas launched against Israel and its citizens, attempts to smuggle weapons into Israel by tunnels, and to import weapons from Iran.

It’s time for the U.S. and other countries to abandon the suicidal chimera of a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine question, to quit pressuring Israel to surrender more of its territory to terrorist elements dedicated to its destruction, and to reassure Israel that it’s survival and success are our highest Middle East priorities.  John Kerry should resign for his utter incompetence and stupidity although I have zero confidence that Barack Obama would appoint anyone more intelligent about international geopolitical realities and who also recognizes the need for an assertive and confident U.S. leadership presence on the world stage to replace the Beacon Hill bumpkin.



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