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Boko Haram and Benghazi Select Committee


This week has seen two events originating in Africa come to the forefront of American political attention.  We have the horrible case of  the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram, kidnapping a large number of girls from a Nigerian school, and threatening to sell them into slavery.  Boko Haram is allied with the Al Qaida linked Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and is seeking to impose an Islamist state in Africa’s largest country Nigeria.  This organization has been around for some time yet when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State the department missed multiple chances to add Boko Haram to the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations.  This is yet another example of the Obama Administration’s continuing and pathological unwillingness to accept the reality of Islamist terror.  It also reflects the failure of their mythological narrative that Al Qaida is “on the run.”

The Nigerian Government has requested our help and it looks like we are beginning to provide them with some intelligence assistance along with other segments of the international community.  This even includes China which has offered to provide its satellite assets to the efforts to track the location of these girls who must be going through unadulterated hell and the hands of sexually predatory Islamists who want to “marry” them.  Nigeria is a large country and its government is corrupt so we should not kid ourselves that we are aiding ideological kindred spirits.  I am concerned that it will take us time to get actionable intelligence on the location of these kidnappers due to the large geographic area they could be hiding in.  We will also need help from British intelligence due to London’s historic colonial ties to Nigeria and from France due to the historic colonial and ongoing contemporary collaboration France engages in with its former West African colonies.  I favor a targeted military strike against Boko Harm and, hopefully, rescue of these girls if operationally feasible.  Maybe Barack Obama could find a red  line he capable of standing up and defending.  It has been amusing to see some of the most leftist members of Congress and celebrities tweeting in favor of these girls when there usual response is to vituperatively denounce any potential U.S. military action against Islamist terrorism.

The  week’s other big news is the creation of the House Benghazi Select Committee.  The recent uncovering of Benghazi related emails, thanks to the diligent litigation of Judicial Watch, finally propelled Speaker Boehner to establish this committee.  Such action is welcome and long overdue.  Now it’s time to get to work.  We still don’t know why none of the perpetrators of this assault have been arrested or killed.  Many documents have been withheld from congressional oversight by the State Department, key witnesses have not been allowed to testify, and the perpetrator(s) of the myth that the assault was caused by a scurrilous video have yet to be revealed.

We must remember that an attack against any U.S. Government facility is an act of war and the committee needs to be bulldogged in its tenacity and thoroughness to ensure the truth about this tragedy and coverup is finally revealed.  I think South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy is an inspired choice as the Committee chair and other committee members have good criminal investigation, intelligence, military, and homeland security backgrounds.  As a Hoosier, I’m especially pleased Rep. Susan Brooks from the 5th district (where my mother and brother live) was selected to serve on what will hopefully be a historically significant investigation of governmental incompetence and corruption.  Effective congressional oversight is an essential prerequisite of republican governance  to discipline a wayward administration.  I hope House Democrats get over their petulant talk of boycotting participation on this committee and realize that holding the Obama Administration accountable for its egregious failures on  Benghazi is in their political best interest and the national interest.  The fact of the matter is that if this tragedy had occurred during a Republican Administration they would be  screaming bloody murder and demanding mass resignations from responsible administration officials.

Americans serving their country overseas, whether they are military personnel, diplomats, or other duly authorized officials need to know that their country will do everything it reasonably can to physically protect them and defend our national interests if they are in physically dangerous locations.  This also travels to Americans traveling overseas to non-dangerous locations who abide by local customs and common sense security precautions.  The Benghazi Select Committee has the chance to discover undisclosed malfeasance by the Obama Administration, including then Secretary of State, and make substantive recommendations which will hopefully prevent future bloody terrorist assaults against U.S. diplomatic facilities worldwide.  Rep. Gowdy’s Committee also has the chance to permanently destroy the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton and show the American electorate the horrible geopolitical and strategic mistakes it made by twice electing Barack Obama to the presidency.


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