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Suffer the Little Children: The Obama Administration Refugee Fiasco


Immigration, like so many other areas of Obama Administration policymaking, has become an arena of utter incompetence. For several weeks, multitudes of children from Central American countries, aided and abetted by misleading Obama Administration rhetoric essentially encouraging illegal immigration, have been rushing toward the U.S. These children are victims of subhuman illegal alien smugglers determined to make prodigous amounts of money off of human misery, political, economic, and moral incompetence in their native countries which takes away any prospects of them giving their citizens materially better lives, and an administration which bleats about wanting comprehensive immigration reform without bothering to protect the sovereignty of our borders, national security, and provide tangible assistance to border communities whose tax resources, infrastructure, and human services are being stretched beyond the breaking point by these illegal immigrants.

A key issue not being addressed here is why there is and has been illegal immigration from these countries to the U.S. for several consecutive decades. The unfortunate fact of the matter is, that these Latin American countries, are run by helplessly corrupt and incompetent governments, both dictatorial and democratic, which have no interests in materially improving the lives of their nationals and improving their future economic and social prospects. These regimes perpetuate plutocratic cultures of corruption, personality cults, economic mismanagement, a perpetual sense of victimhood blaming the U.S. for their problems instead of looking into the mirror at their own corrupt souls, systemic violence, and a culture that glorifies high birth rates without caring whether families in these countries and the economic and social infrastructures of these countries have the ability to foster a hard working, educated, and moral structure capable of providing economic opportunity, political transparency, and governmental honesty which will entice their citizens to stay at home rather than cling to the illusory dream that the U.S. has “streets of gold” with endless economic opportunity.

The Obama Administration’s response, as usual, is calling for passage of “comprehensive immigration reform”, which, in their warped worldview, means mass amnesty for illegal aliens, expanding public health and Latin American criminal, if not national security threats to the U.S., overwhelming the ability of government and nongovernment charities and taxpayers to cope with an influx of illegal aliens, and jeopardizing the anglocentric political social fabric upon which U.S. identity, political stability, and prosperity are founded. Those opposing this critique may denounce it with ad hominem attacks such as nativist, racist, hateful, and other tired old jeremiads of leftist demagoguery.

A particularly revealing aspect of this tragedy occurred tonight on Fox News On the Record hosted by Greta van Susteren. One of her guests was Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine who is also a member of the House Armed Services Committee. Bridenstine was carrying out his professional duties by visiting Oklahoma military facilities, including the Army’s Fort Sill, which is the site of a refugee processing facility “managed” by the Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS). Bridenstine was able to visit the fort okay but unable to get into the HHS facility which was locked shut. He tried reaching an HHS office by phone and was told by an official that he would be unable to get into this facility until July 21 and that the official responsible for granting him access to this facility preferred to “communicate” by email. You know things are bad when a member of Congress can’t even get in to inspect working and operating conditions at a facility in his own state/district due to stonewalling by the responsible agency. At one time, the Obama Administration sanctimoniously proclaimed it would be the most transparent administration in history. Yet this episode demonstrates, along with many other examples e.g. IRS targeting of conservatives, Obamacare website, and many other examples, that this administration is more concerned with covering up its corruption,criminal incompetence, and stupidity than it is with responding to congressional or media investigators seeking to do their jobs and inform the American public and international audiences of Barack Obama’s multitudinous failures.


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