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Israel-Hamas War


World attention has been partially devoted to the ongoing war between Israel and the Islamist terrorist group Hamas in Gaza. Israel liberated Gaza from Egypt in 1967’s Six days war then, under international pressure, turned it to the so-called Palestinean authority in 2005. Not longer after this, Hamas won elections to control Gaza and has periodically launched artillery assaults into Israel resulting in both civilian and military deaths.

Hamas has been heavily armed by terrorist state Iran and has used Tehran’s weapons assistance to build up a formidable arsenal of missiles. It has also used its latent terrorist intentions, and potentially North Korean experience digging tunnels, to dig an enormous network of tunnels into Israel to infiltrate its terrorist hoodlums to wreak havoc.

Think for a minute of the state, province, or country you live in and imagine that a municipality at the southwest corner of your living space was controlled by a hostile terrorist regime whose institutional charter is committed to your destruction and extermination. Hamas’ charter is explicitly dedicated to Israel’s destruction and to Jewish extermination. Proceeding from this point, this regime seeks to invade your living space through tunnels to infiltrate terrorist bombers and by importing missiles from a hostile political entity near your living space. Imagine what it would be like living under the constant fear of missile attacks against your community, neighborhood, or residence and the threat of sadistic mobs trying to insert themselves into your geographic region.

This is exactly the situation you have with Hamas and Israel. Jerusalem has every legal and moral right to absolutely crush this threat to its national survival! It’s sad to see so many people falling for the mythology of Palestinean martyrdom and innocence when you are dealing with a terrorist regime that uses schools, mosques, and innocent people as human shields to protect themselves from military assaults when they should have the courage to confront the Israeli Defense Forces mano-a-mano. It doesn’t help matters any more when Secretary of State John “Beacon Hill Bumpkin” Kerry criticizes Israel for trying to defend itself from these thugs and pursues the chimerical illusion of the Middle East Peace process. There was a great picture in the news recently of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shaking hands with the Beacon Hill bumpkin recently before a meeting between the two. Netanyahu had a painful grimace on his face, as if he was about to be sick, because he had to meet with a dimwit like Kerry. Israel is fortunate that Netanyahu is a strong and decisive leader who wants to defeat Islamist terrorism and protect his country from the scourge of Hamas.

Instead of implicitly siding with the anti-Semitic leftist and Islamist amen corner at the United Nations and elsewhere about alleged Israeli crimes, we should back Israel to the hilt and urge them to thoroughly crush Hamas and reoccupy Gaza. Then we should help Israel begin the multigenerational process of deIslamicizing that area through a long-term and decades long commitment to eliminating the ideological poison of Islamism by starting with Arab children at a young age and educating them about Israel’s significant accomplishments and how truly mature individuals and groups don’t blame others for their problems and grievances but take responsibility for their own behavior. In fact, promoting Judaism and Christianity as the official religions of formerly Islamic Gaza would be an excellent way to promote more peaceful coexistence in that region. Until the poison of Islamism and its eternal victim mentality is eliminated, there is no chance for ending this conflict.


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