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We Have No Strategy


So intoned His Serene Highness Barack I, when asked if his administration had a strategy for dealing with the Islamic State terrorist caliphate he replied: “we have no strategy.” The same response would also apply if the detached commander-in-chief were asked U.S. strategy for dealing with Russian aggression in the Ukraine. We are entering an increasingly dangerous world thanks to the delusional utopian naiveté of Barack Obama. His 2009 apology tour in the Islamic world has only emboldened our enemies and the idiotic reset policy with Russia has emboldened that country’s president to seize Crimea, engage in at least a partial invasion of Eastern Ukraine, and rekindle dreams of reuniting a geopolitical architecture resembling the former Soviet Union. We’ve learned this week that the CIA’s Presidential Daily Brief has been warning of the Islamic State’s threat for over a year yet Obama has remained oblivious to this looming danger. It’s also been interesting to see Democratic Senators such as Florida’s Bill Nelson, Virginia’s Mark Warner, and California’s Diane Feinstein become concerned about the Islamic State and Obama’s lethargic response.

Yet Obama and his administration continue living in a world where everybody lives according to liberal secularist western conceptions of the rule of law, where words of outrage are supposed to mean something when they are nothing more than impotent gesticulations, and when the world cries out for decisive leadership from the United States. We should be willing to annihilate the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, and all other corners of the world where they seek to impose their will. We should be providing the Kurds all military assistance they need to defeat the Islamic State. We should also be providing the Ukrainians with any military assistance they consider necessary to defend their national sovereignty. We should also be forward deploying U.S. and NATO military forces to the Russian frontier to send an unequivocal message to Vladimir Putin that further aggression from Moscow will mean conflict with western forces.

Unfortunately, the KGB apparatchik will always defeat the Chicago community organizer. Lex talonis will always win out over empty protestations of bringing terrorists to criminal justice tribunals and impotent rhetorical expressions of international outrage over Islamist atrocities.


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