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Obama’s Latest Islamic State Moves


Last week President Obama, in an incredibly equivocating national address, announced increased U.S. military action against the Islamic State terrorist group. This in itself is a tentative sign he is beginning to understand the serious threat this organization poses to the Middle East and to our homeland. Unfortunately, this address still reflects his appalling naiveté toward the phenomenon of Islamist terrorism. He still can’t bring himself to say the words Islamist terrorism or Islamist extremism. Cultural relativism can wield a powerfully corrupt and enduring influence on an individual’s worldview. He then went on to make the mistake that committing air power to attacking the Islamic State is not combat operations. Actually, the use of air power is part of combat operations though we should not fall for the illusion that air power alone can effectively defeat and destroy a military enemy. Decimating and annihilating the Islamic State will require the use of ground forces but, being the military ignoramus that he is, Barack Obama fails to understand that you never tell an enemy what you will not do when you are engaging in combat. In fact, you never tell your opponent what you will not do in any competitive event whether it be a card game or a football game. Using ground forces is an essential prerequisite for successful ground operations.

Then we have the batter of Beacon Hill bumpkin John Kerry refusing to describe potential operations against the Islamic State as being war. The Secretary of State prefers to rhetorically behind the legalistic euphemism of counterterrorism operations. Actually, war is one of the multiple aspects of counterterrorism operations. Our foreign and national security policymaking are fatally compromised when we use rhetorical euphemisms and legalisms instead of speaking honestly about the brutal realities involved in fighting military operations and the casualties which will occur. We also demonstrate our failure to understand the enemy by denying that Islam is part of the Islamic State’s core political ideology. Actually, Islam is the raison d’être behind their existence. They desire to recreate a regional and global Islamic caliphate governed by Sharia law and will do whatever they consider necessary to achieve this nefarious objective. Western political parties of all stripes have continued to adhere to the utopian delusion that Islam is a “religion of peace” when its nearly thirteen century long history demonstrates the satanic violence at the core of its theological worldview. It’s the height of naiveté and historical ignorance to expect the Sunnis and Shiites to reconcile after nearly thirteen centuries of sectarian bloodletting over who is the “rightful” successor to Mohammed. It’s just not going to happen and the world will continue to be plagued by their bloodletting.

We should strive to decimate and annihilate the Islamic State, but be under no illusions that the Islamic world will renounce its bloodlust’s which have metastasized for over a millennium. This part of the world does not adhere to the lofty normative expectations of Beacon Hill, Georgetown, or Chicago’s Hyde Park.


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