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2014 Election Approaches


We are now three weeks away from the 2014 midterm elections which will also include many governor’s races. I have received large chunks of paper and electronic mail from conservative candidates and groups appealing for money. I’ve responded to some appeals from the National Republican Senatorial Committee for money. Some of the appeals are well written while others can degenerate to the level of hysterics and conspiratorial fantasies.

There are many factors influencing these elections. While some of them are local, the vast preponderance of them reflect the abysmal performance of President Barack Obama. The hope and change mystique he and his followers cultivated so assiduously six years ago has collapsed into a pile of ruins. In social policy, we have a nation in which unelected lower federal court judges, aided by their unscrupulous bullying allies in the homosexual “rights” community, have effectively imposed same-sex marriage on American legal jurisprudence despite the expressed opposition to this by voters in over 30 states!

In domestic economics, we still struggle over continually growing national debt, sluggish economic growth, and the absolute mismanagement of Obama’s “signature” health care “reform” legislation which has produced higher costs and more bureaucracy. We also have scandals galore in the Obama Administration including IRS targeting of conservative individuals and organizations, the Justice Dept’s Fast and Furious operation and its attempts to predetermine the outcome of a investigation into police handling of a Ferguson, MO crime by blatantly pandering to hooligan mobs, the EPA seeking to impose onerous regulations on already strained individuals and businesses in its chimerical pursuit of a “green” energy agenda, and seeking to impose its abortionist contraception mandate through the “health care reform” act which was, fortunately, partially stymied this summer by the Supreme Court in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. The Obama Administration’s Centers for Disease Control has also given mixed messages about how ebola can be spread and needlessly inflamed public anxiety. Obama Administration acolytes also have the audacity to blame ebola’s spread to U.S. and alleged cuts to the CDC’s budget when the agency’s budget has actually remained stable. Of course, throwing more money at a public policy issue is the standard Democratic response and political tactic without considering how well the money is being spent and failing to recognize the problem originates in West Africa and is exacerbated by the Administration’s refusal to impose a blanket ban on travelers from Ebola affected countries entering the U.S.

The situation is no better internationally. We are fighting a pin prick war against ISIS terrorists in the Mideast and increasing their prospects of victory by refusing to use ground troops. We are hell bent on negotiating a nuclear agreement with Iran which would put that despotically maniacal regime within a few months of being able to enrich uranium. If Tehran develops nuclear weapons it will fuel a nuclear arms race in this already dangerous part of the world. The Obama Administration has done nothing significant to stop Russian aggression in the former Soviet Union, has not taken aggressive steps to deter Chinese assertiveness in East Asia and the South China Sea, and refuses to ban travelers to the U.S. who come from areas suffering from ebola.

Elections in the sixth year of a presidency usually result in the party of the President taking significant losses in the House and Senate. Hopefully, this will be true this year. There are a variety of races worth watching including:

1. Whether former Massachusetts GOP Senator Scott Brown can defeat Jeanine Shaheen in New Hampshire.
2. Whether Thom Tillis can defeat Kay Hagan in North Carolina.
3. Will Georgia elect Michelle Nunn, the daughter of long-time Democratic scion Senator Sam Nunn, to a seat which is being vacated by retiring Republican Saxby Chambliss?
4. Whether the inspirational Republican Joni Ernst can defeat ambulance chasing farmer bashing Rep. Bruce Braley in Iowa.
5. Whether Arkansas and Louisiana will elect Republicans to the Senate and turf out incumbent Democrats Mark Pryor and Mary Landrieu.
6. Whether pseudo-independent but actual Democrat Greg Orman can fool enough Kansas voters to defeat solid conservative Pat Roberts.
7. Whether Cory Gardner can defeat abortionist hysteric Mark “Uterus” Udall in Colorado’s Senate race.

For the most part, Republicans have selected good disciplined candidates to run these races and present credible policy alternatives to Barack Obama’s Democrats. I’m sad to say that we’ve fallen short in our Senate candidates in Michigan and Oregon. There both Terri Lynn Land and Monica Wehby have refused to debate their Democratic opponents and Wehby has pandered to the worst forms of liberalism by promoting her support of same-sex marriage.
If you’re going to get in the public arena, you need to be prepared to go and debate your ideas and visions face-to-face with your opponent(s) instead of clinging to an Internet and campaign consultant cocoon.

The Democrats, for their part, have resorted to their usual class warfare and mythical war on women rhetoric. This is especially true of Udall in Colorado who forgets that women have had access to contraception since the Supreme Court’s 1965 Griswold decision. Another example of Democratic degeneracy is the recent “wheelchair” 30 second ad aired by Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis against Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who has to use a wheelchair as a result of a tree falling on and paralyzing him back in 1982. The pathetic desperation of Democrats is also reflected in their histrionic denunciations of the libertarian Koch brothers and petulant whining about “dark money” political contributions by those of opposing their initiatives. This is particularly hypocritical coming from a party whose President brings in record amounts of money fundraising instead of providing competent, effective, and moral governance.

Hopefully, Republicans will continue to aggressively attack the Obama Administration and its stalwarts while also presenting credible public policy alternatives even if these are unpopular with certain segments of an electorate which has become dangerous dependent on governmental assistance.


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