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A Happy Election Result


Other matters have kept me preoccupied for the past week, but last Tuesday’s election was truly wonderful. We increased our majority in the House and regained control of the Senate after 8 long years under Harry Reid’s incompetent suzerainty. It was wonderful seeing so many liberal heroes and heroines go down in flames. Let’s start with Florida’s turncoat former Governor Charlie Crist who was defeated by current Gov. Rick Scott. A particular gubernatorial election highlight was seeing Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis get crushed by Greg Abbott in Texas’ gubernatorial race. There were the very pleasant surprises of seeing Maine’s Republican Governor get reelected, Maryland decisively electing a Republican Governor, Illinois electing a Republican Governor, and Massachusetts electing a Republican Governor against the hapless Martha Coakley whom the Republican National Committee ought to recruit as a challenger to Republican candidates in as many elections as possible.

It’s to bad the Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, and Maine legislatures remain predominately Democratic but the presence of GOP Governors will help things at least somewhat. Scott Walker’s reelection in Wisconsin is particularly gratifying.

I was very pleased to see Mia Love get elected to Congress from Utah and for the other GOP gains in the House. It was wonderful to see Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell easily win reelection against the abrasive Alison Grimes who could not find the courage to tell Bluegrass state voters whom she voted for in the 2008 presidential election. It will be good to see the Senate actually debate and pass legislation under McConnell’s capable leadership and stewardship in contrast to the obstructive and destructive incompetence wielded by Harry Reid over the past eight years. Nevada voters in 2016 need to remember to select a competent and articulate candidate who can defeat Reid that year and in his cadaverous sway in the U.S. Senate.

South Carolina should be proud that it elected Tim Scott to the U.S. Senate. North Carolina should be proud that it elected Thom Tillis to this chamber by defeating Obama sycophant Kay Hagen and Alaska will be well-served by its election of Dan Sullivan over the accidental Mark Begich. Cory Gardiner’s victory over the ridiculous Mark Uterus Udall in Colorado is especially welcome and, hopefully, represents the termination of the mythological liberal war against women narrative. I’m especially excited by the effervescent Joni Ernst’s win in Iowa which put the GOP into the majority. She defeated an obnoxious and arrogant ambulance chasing jerk in Bruce Braley and will represent essential midwestern virtues of hard work, thrift, and efficiency which have been absent from that seat for the past three decades as the Hawkeye state let itself fall for the leftist populist victimhood narrative of Tom Harken. I hope Ernst becomes increasingly visible in the years to come and believe she will learn Senate rituals and processes well from her Iowa colleague Charles Grassley as well as from other Republican Senators. I am particularly interested to see how she interacts with New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte.

We still need to ensure Bill Cassidy gets elected in Louisiana’s runoff election next month against incumbent Democrat Contrary Louisiana Purchase Mary Landrieu. Obama is still capable of doing dangerous things such as promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants, pursuing a dangerous nuclear arms deal with Iran, naively requesting Tehran’s help in dealing with ISIS, and race hustling on judicial issues. The incoming Senate should carefully scrutinize his Attorney General nomination to see if she has any Rassenfuhrer Eric Holder-like qualities. If she is a Holder clone she should be voted down without mercy or regret. It is also gratifying that most of the candidates Hillary Clinton campaigned for tasted defeat. Hopefully, this is a positive augury for 2016 if Clinton pursues presidential pretentious.

Last Tuesday night’s win reflected considerable hard work. That work must continue in this lame duck congressional session and in the new session which begins in January. We should not be under any illusions that Obama will pivot to a more conservative direction. He is likely to behave like a cornered animal who will lash out the new structure which confronts him on Capitol Hill. Republicans must also begin laying the groundwork for the 2016 election in the weeks and months ahead if we are to complete the victories won this past Tuesday.


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