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The Senate Intelligence Committee’s Folly


The Senate Intelligence Committee, under the “leadership” of Diane Feinstein of California has released a report on U.S. enhanced interrogation activities against Islamist terrorists.  This document would receive an F if presented in any credible academic institution and is reflective of Rolling Stone’s dubious University of Virginia fraternity rape “quality journalism.”  It failed to interview patriotic CIA personnel involved in carrying out the interrogations; particularly Jose Rodriguez who has said that these interrogations were essential in preventing multiple terrorist attacks on the U.S. and helped lead us to Osama Bin Laden’s compound.   It aids and abets our countries enemies, particularly Islamist terrorists, by encouraging them to believe we are determined to commit national suicide by engaging in legalistic grandstanding while we fight an existential war against feral vermin who oppose our values and our conceptions of normative legal behavior.  The report’s authors and so many other domestic and foreign terrorist apologists fail to realize that freedom’s enemies will use the legal infrastructure of our system, as well as military force, to demoralize and defeat us.

The  report’s release will make it harder for us to secure actionable intelligence against our enemies and cause would be allies and co-belligerents to be extremely reticent to give us sensitive information which will aid us in our wars.  We must remember we are engaging in war instead of obtuse legal philosophizing.  Today’s Wall Street Journal has an excellent analysis  by former Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency on the value of these interrogations.  Readers desiring the truth on this matter should also consult the report on this subject by  most of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Republican members.  This report shows multiple examples of how enhanced interrogation brought positive benefits to U.S. security  As a Hoosier, I’m proud to say that one of the authors of this report is my Senator Dan Coats who, hopefully, will become the Senate Intelligence Committee chair in January when adult (Republican) supervision and leadership take over the Senate and this committee.  Transparency has value, but not when it endangers our national security and the lives of Americans and non-Americans committed to protecting us from future terrorist attacks.  Today’s ill-advised release of this report significantly increases the likelihood that Americans will experience an attack equal to or greater than 9/11, and with a much higher body count, in the upcoming future.  We must do whatever it takes to protect our people, our national interests, and those of our allies even such steps are unpopular with the Islamist hordes and their apologists in the U.S. and elsewhere in the democratic west.

Collective suicide, on the altar of legal absolutism, is not an American or democratic value.




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