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Criminal Loving Is Chic


In their nefarious classic Sympathy for the Devil, the Rolling Stones intone that “Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints.”  Nearly five decades later, this lyricism has become a prophetic reality.  Scores of leftist criminal apologists of all races, have been marching in the streets and elsewhere in municipalities across the country bleating out “No Justice, No Peace,” “Black Lives Matter”, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, “I Can’t Breathe”, and expressing a desire to kill purportedly racist police officers.

Inspired by the spirit of the imbecilic “Unpacking Ferguson” campaign, let’s engage in some analysis of what these euphemisms mean.  “No Justice, No Peace” is a decades old diatribe expounded by the race hustling pro-criminal movement demanding that the media, law enforcement, courts, the criminal justice system, the educational system, and the generally public unconditionally surrender to the criminal sympathizer element’s mythology that the murder of black males is  produced by “institutionalized and systemic racism” instead of facing the reality that it is caused by criminal behavior by black males who are all to often fatherless and lack strong and effective disciplinary guidance from other family members, mentors, and the missing in action Black Church.  This “no justice, no peace” drivel was especially personified by violent mobs who sought to intimidate grand juries in St. Louis County, MO and Staten Island, NY when these grand juries justifiably determined that insufficient evidence existed to bring criminal charges against police officers whose actions resulted in the deaths of multiple criminal offenders Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

“Black Lives Matter” is a trite race hustling claim which seeks to excuse criminal behavior while placing the tale of exclusive victimization on the black community which continually perpetuates criminal activity.  The emptiness of this phrase is reflected in Table 43 of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports which shows that blacks are responsible for a majority of murders and robberies committed in the U.S. despite being a disproportionate demographic minority of the overall U.S. population.  Critics spouting this tripe, should realize that all lives matter and think about what the families of two murdered New York City police officers.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is another chorus in the urban legends of criminal apologists.  The thousands of pages of evidence in the Michael Brown grand jury case show that Brown did not utter this now mindlessly repeated phrase and that he was actively trying to kill or serious injury Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson.  Eric Garner’s “I Can’t Breathe” phrase has been mythologized by Al Sharpton and his race hustling cohorts, immortalized on Tshirts, and throughout social media.  What Garner’s sycophants neglect to say is that he also had repeated criminal run ins, that minority owned businesses in the area where his fatal encounter with police occurred had repeatedly complained about him harassing their customers, that a man as large and in as poor health as Garner, including emphysema and diabetes, should not physically resist officers trying to subdue him. Incidentally, a black female police officer headed up the team seeking to apprehend Garner and only 51% of the New York City Police Department’s officers are white.  Light your cigar and puff on that institutional racism proponents.

Matters in New York City are not helped further when Mayor Bill DeBlasio effectively encourages race baiting against police by criminal mobs.  While police corruption can occur, most police officers are dedicated public servants trying to enhance public safety from increasing unruly individuals.  Police officers must deal with the attempts of civil libertarians to restrain police freedom of movement by mandating technologically unreliable and perspective limited frontal cameras, restricting rules of engagement, not permitting police to engage in effective intelligence surveillance of crime prone areas by babbling “racial profiling,” and not recognizing that some criminals are more heavily armed than the police.  Crime chic proponents should think about that when they whine about police militarization.  Do they really want anarchy and mob rule to control our cities?

Some things that can be done to crush these outbursts of criminal appeal include:

1. Business owners in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere whose properties were damaged by anti-police riots should file class-action suits against Al Sharpton, his “National Action Network,” the American Civil Liberties Union, and individuals perpetrating these crimes and organizations advocating violence against police by requiring them to pay restitution to these business owners that is so punitive it will financially break these individuals and organizations.  The federal government should also file Racketeering in Corrupt Organizations (RICO) charges against organizations such as the National Action Network which actively promulgate anti-police violence.

2. Prohibit individuals convicted of criminal violence against police and protestors against grand jury verdicts from having access to cell phones and other means of accessing social networks to use these networks to organize mob actions.

3. Immediately deport any criminal aliens involved in such protests and related violence.

4. Local and state authorities in areas that may be affected by such protests and violence should have the authority to suspend habeus corpus, declare martial law, and the freedom to publicly warn that lethal force will be used against protestors violating the rights and endangering the safety of law abiding individuals.

5. The Department of Education eliminating funding for any university which has ethnic separatism programs such as Black Studies, Latino Studies etc. stirring up antinomian sentiment among students and faculty and has helped poison race relations and domestic tranquillity on university campuses for nearly five decades.  Naturally, proactive action by these universities would eliminate the threat of defunding.

6. Police forces having the confidence to know that the President of the U.S. and the Attorney General will give them the rhetorical, financial, political, and legal backing they need to eliminate race based mob violence by all means necessary in their jurisdictions.  This will not happen until, hopefully, a Republican President is inaugurated in 2017.  However, the upcoming return of a Republican Senate and House and control of these chambers judiciary committees will began positive steps in this direction.

7. Strengthen and clarify “stand your ground laws” enabling citizens to protect themselves from violent attacks.

We must also remember that this antipolice rhetoric reflects a society which has consciously fallen away from its Jude0-Christian moral bearings and embraced a perpetual victim narrative which glorifies criminal behavior instead of demanding accountability for those perpetrating such behavior.  Law enforcement officials respond to crime where it occurs and regardless of the race of its perpetrators and victims.  The breakdown of moral absolutes, traditional family structures,  educational system breakdowns, and glorification of criminal violence in popular culture and academe have all produced this situation of anarchic mobs demanding submission to their degenerate behavior.  The majority of Americans of all races and religions, who abhor such thuggish behavior, must stand up and demand the restoration of domestic tranquillity.  We must be willing to brave the petulant cries of racism (a now meaningless term spouted by those who demand submission to their incessant  victim narrative), hate, bigot, and other pejoratives in the leftist rhetorical arsenal.  Those promoting criminal behavior need to unpack the reality that they are depraved and unworthy of our constitutional protections until they grow up as start acting like human beings who merit the respect of their fellow citizens instead of marching like feral mobs in our cities.





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