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Aujourd’hui Je Suis Charlie (Today, I am Charlie)


Normally, I would not praise a leftist secularist French tabloid newspaper.  However, the Parisian publication Charlie Hebdo had the courage to expose Islam for the fraudulent death cult that it is.  Charlie Hebdo, unlike many journalistic proponents of free speech, had the courage to walk the walk and talk the talk in defending freedom of expression.  It stands in a long line of satirical political publications which should be a cornerstone of any freedom  loving society.  For its courage in standing up to Islamist bullying it had previously been targeted by thuggish  Islamist hordes.  Unfortunately, today, many of its staff members paid the ultimate price for freedom when they were murdered by Islamist thugs in their Paris office in a calculated and professionally executed operation.

This is an hour of reckoning for France and the western world.  For to long, we have pathetically clung to the myth of Islam as a “religion of peace” as repeated Islamist terrorist attacks have occurred.  We naively believe we can try and “rehabilitate” Islamist vermin through western jurisprudence and psychiatry.  It’s especially sad to see this attack occur in  Paris.  The “city of light” has many worthwhile attractions which I’ve been blessed to visit.  Paris, however, has also served as a sanctuary for murderous political revolutionaries such as the Robespierrans of the French Revolution, the Communards of 1871, Ho Chi Minh, and contemporary Islamist thugs.  France has its own problems with Islam as a result of being a secularist welfare state which fails to provide sufficient economic opportunities to its peoples and persists in the delusion that one can build a society without reference to deep-seated religious values representing the core of human origins and existence.

France and other western countries must recognize that only a return to Judeo-Christian convictions and practices  will begin to turn the tide against Islamist terror. Growing numbers of Europeans are distressed by the pernicious influence of Islamist mores on European life and liberty.  This is reflected in some sections of selected European cities being “no-go” zones for police due to the nefarious omnipresence of Sharia “law” in these areas.  This distressing development was reflected a few years ago in a non-fiction work called Londonistan describing how Islamicized some sections of the British capital have become.  These concerns are legitimate and cannot be dismissed as “Islamophobic” and “promoting hate” by the self-appointed arbiters of secularist multicultural orthodoxy in many European Union countries.  While some European Muslims may wish to integrate peacefully into their countries and productively enhance their new nations, national security and societal cohesion must not be a faith-based endeavor.

We must increase our surveillance of these monsters, quit releasing them from prison in the naive hope they will somehow integrate and assimilate into our politically and religiously pluralistic countries, and take whatever steps are necessary to destroy their theological and philosophical pretentious even if such steps violate the secularist delusion of “universal human values.”

Here’s an example of one Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons.


Charlie Hebdo cartoon of Mohammed saying you'll get whipped 100 times if you don't like this issue.

Charlie Hebdo cartoon of Mohammed saying you’ll get whipped 100 times if you don’t like this issue.



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