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Are We Coming Closer to an Islamist Terrorist Attack in the U.S?


It took  a few days after the murder of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo’s staff, before a significant U.S. policymaker arrived in Paris to show tangible rhetorical support.  Instead of President Obama, it was none other than Secretary of State Jean Francois Kerry (aka) the Beacon Hill Bumpkin.  It’s possible that beyond closed doors Kerry gave the French government some more tangible signs of support such as enhanced intelligence sharing on Islamist terrorist activities.

In the public glare, however, musical impresario John Kerry had aging 60s singer James Taylor sing his classic ballad “You’ve Got a Friend.”  Now this song is okay to denote bilateral friendship, but coming after sadistic Islamist terrorist attacks on French soil, the western world and the U.S. can do a lot better than a syrupy ballad.  Let me make the following suggestions for recent and historical rock and country songs that would be more appropriate to share and sing together with a friend who’s just experienced brutal and murderous Islamist attacks.  How about Kansas’ Fight Fire with Fire and Sparks of the Tempest, Pat Benatar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Scandal and Patty Smyth’s The Warrior, the Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane, Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead, Toby Keith’s Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (The Angry American)(whose lyrics can be easily adapted to the country of any nation victimized by Islamist attacks), Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Won’t Back Down and the Band Perry’s Chainsaw.

Unfortunately, John Kerry and Barack Obama still don’t understand the nature os Islamist terrorism.  They hide behind the antiseptic phrase “violent radicalism” and another impotent words and euphemisms while refusing to recognize the true nature of our enemies includes the “religion” of Islam.  This enemy, whatever its geographic theater of operations, includes Islam as a intrinsic part of its ideological identity.  Yet, imprisoned as it is by cultural relativism, the Obama Administration continues to deny this inescapable reality.  It continues having a childlike faith in the ability of western jurisprudence to deter and resolve this existential struggle which can only be resolved on the battlefield and through continually flexible and adaptable  intelligence gathering and analysis.

The Obama Administration foolishly thinks it can reduce the appeal of Islamism by releasing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay which it stupidly claims serves as a recruiting tool for these sadistic monsters.  What serves as a recruiting tool for Islamist terrorists is their relentless evil “religious” ideology and their ridicule of our decadent society that thinks they can be rationally dealt with.  Because of this failure to recognize the true and global nature of our enemy, we are likely coming closer to an Islamist terrorist attack in the U.S.  The recent arrest of a Columbus, OH-based plotter for conspiring to attack the U.S. Capitol should be a wake up call.  The presence of Islamist segments in many U.S. communities including Minneapolis, Lackawanna, NY, New York City, Dearborn, MI, and elsewhere should also put us on notice.

Recent leftist hysteria such as the anti-police mentality behind protests and violent attacks in New York City, Ferguson, MO, and other areas, the infantile controversy over the National Security Agency’s essential electronic surveillance programs, and the refusal of much of the American public, aided and abetted by the Obama Administration’s delusional rhetoric that the “war on terrorism” is over has created a climate of public opinion which naively thinks we are exempt from the atrocities recently inflicted in Paris, Sydney, Ottawa and elsewhere.  The rapid proliferation of Internet social media as a recruiting platform by Islamists expands the reach of Jihadi evil into any bedroom, laptop, and cell phone globally.  Attacking the U.S. and killing multiple people, regardless of the geographic prominence or obscurity of their location, would be the icing on the gate for Islamist aspirations to hit the “Great Satan” where it hurts the most.

I fear such an attack will occur soon and cause great distress among all Americans.  If this occurs, however, it may finally  wake up the chattering cognoscenti who think 9/11 was the last Islamist terrorist attack in the U.S. who foolishly think the Islamist spider won’t spin its web and strike its venom here in the U.S.  Hopefully, it will cause them to finally recognize that the George W. Bush Administration got more things right than wrong in its antiterrorism policies.  The deteriorating security situation should also help Americans realize that our next President must not spill vapid words about “war retreating” into their campaign rhetoric and policymaking , but have the broad strategic vision, relentless courage, and operational ruthlessness to combat and defeat Islamist ideology and forces without apology to the bien pendant chattering classes of the media, academe, and international legal and government organizations who cling to their pathetic secularist delusions of rule of law and “common human values” being all that is necessary and sufficient to destroy this scourge of our time.


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