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Welcome to Washington, Bibi


Today House Speaker John Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress. What is remarkable about this is that this invitation was extended despite the Obama Administration’s opposition. It is well known that Barack Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu don’t like each other. In his fantasyland State of the Union speech last night, Obama foolishly proclaimed that the Islamic State was being contained when military and national security analysts uniformly believe this sadistic organization is expanding its presence and control over significant geographic regions of Iraq and Syria.

In its continual effort to appease Islamist thugs, the Obama Administration refuses to take the decisive military action necessary to defeat ISIS, continues making concessions to Iran in its quest for a nuclear weapons program while enlisting British Prime Minister David Cameron to lobby Congress to resist imposing additional sanctions against Tehran, refuses to call Islamist terrorism by its true motivating factor while describing this evil with empty phrases like “violent extremism,” does nothing to stop alleged ally Saudi Arabia from flogging an anti-Islamist blogger, releases sadistic jihadis from Guantanamo Bay, and peddles a fraudulent narrative that the specter of war in the Middle East is ending.

Consequently, Speaker Boehner’s wise invitation to Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress is an excellent opportunity for this stalwart ally and courageous leader to educate Americans on the existential security threat a nuclear armed Iran poses to that region of the world and to our geopolitical interests there. Congress should bring out the fatted calf, our finest fruits and vegetables, beverages, and desserts to show Netanyahu and Israel how much we value Israel’s vital role in this region pocked with evil. We still have two more years to endure and overcome the dark night of incompetence and failure Barack Obama’s presidency and foreign policy have been. As conservatives we must begin promoting viable domestic and foreign policy alternatives to mitigate the egregious damage Barack Obama and his administration have done to domestic policy, foreign policy, and to our national security interests on a global stage. Our next President must be ruthlessly honest in telling the American people and international community these unpleasant realities. The next President must bolster our military and intelligence strength and tell domestic and international audiences that the days of apologies and excuses are over and that the U.S. will resume its place as the preeminent global power on January 20, 2017 regardless of how unpopular this might be in some quarters.

To paraphrase a campaign pronouncement by Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, who made an excellent response to the State of the Union last night, we must make our enemies squeal and fear unleashed American wrath again.


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