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Saddling Up My High Horse: Obama Gets the Crusades Wrong


President Obama’s ignorance of the historic Mideast, not to mention that region’s contemporary geopolitics, continues growing. During a recent speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, an event which should be an occasion for humility and unity, Obama launched his bizarre diatribe of moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam. He claimed that Christians should not get on their “high horse” because of crimes committed in the name of Christianity during the Crusades.

Let me help you a bit, Mr. President. While the Crusaders were often far from paragons of Christlike living, they at least had the sense to understand the core corruption and depravity of Islamist hordes who had conquered previously Christian and Jewish lands in the Middle East. If Crusade leaders such as Pope Urban Richard the Lionheart could be brought to 2015 and witness the sad situation of the 21st century Mideast they would be more than vindicated in their belief in the destructive power of Islamic ideology. The Crusaders were, however ineptly, trying to liberate the Mideast from the sadistic monstrosity of Islamist ideology.

They would fully understand the sadistic barbarism of ISIS, recognize the existential danger to that region posed by a nuclear armed Iran, be appalled by the barbarism of Syria’s Bashar Assad, not be surprised by the Islamist takeover of Libya, the corrupt nature of Saudi Arabia’s House of Saud, and be horrified by the ramifications of pro-Iranian Houthi militias taking over Yemen; once hailed as an indicator of the “success” of the Obama Administration’s Mideast policy. The fact that Marines guarding the U.S. Embassy in this country were forced to depart without their weapons is reflective of absolute treachery and stupidity among State Dept. policymakers who are more concerned with pandering to Islamist sensitivities than with protecting the lives of U.S. military forces and signaling stalwart resolve and determination to fight and crush our enemies.

The Crusaders would also be appalled at the Obama Administration’s congenital inability to call Islamist extremism out for the sadistic reality that it is instead of hiding behind vapid euphemisms like violent extremism. In the Obama Administration’s recently issued National Security Strategy document, the Crusaders would be chagrined at the Obama Administration’s inability to face the growing power of the correlation of forces aligned against the U.S. from China, Iran, North Korea, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and the deteriorating strategic environment in the Mideast. The Obama Administration’s National Security Strategy also has language in it describing how the rights of sexually immoral individuals is an international security problem instead of developing realistic and effective strategies to combat serious strategic threats to the U.S. and the world’s regions which once constituted Christendom. I also suspect the Crusaders would find the Obama Administration’s hyperbolic rhetoric on climate change as a national security concern a source of amusement.

The Obama Administration’s confusion on national security matters has incubated throughout all levels of his administration. It starts at the top of the food chain with Obama itself, but also applies to Secretary of State John Kerry, his State Dept. spokespersons Jen “Pippi Longstocking” Psaki and Marie “Goldilocks” Harf, the frighteningly dimwitted National Security Advisor Susan Rice who is on her way to becoming the worst holder of this position since it was established by the 1947 National Security Act, and all the other sorry occupants of national security policymaking positions. New Defense Secretary designate Ashton Carter will also join this list not longer after he’s confirmed when he will inevitably be forced to adhere to the Obama Administration’s pollyannish view of international security like his three previous predecessors have had to.

In addition, the Obama Administration’s draft military force authorization request to Congress continues the march of unrealism. It’s goals should explicitly stated as killing as destroying ISIS by all means necessary, it should not limit U.S. forces to an unrealistic three year time frame to achieve this objective since this will just give ISIS an explicit time frame to hunker down, and it should not preclude the employment of U.S. ground forces. In any form of competition, whether it’s checkers, basketball, or war, you never tell your opponent or enemy what you will not do. We must recognize that we are fighting a religious war against Islamist terrorist and quit cloning to the pathetically comfortable notion that denying this inescapable reality will make the situation better. The facts on the ground show that Islamist forces are gaining more territory. We must quit using bogus historical analogies like both sides in the Crusades being morally equivalent and that we should feel remorse for the Crusaders efforts to restore, what by that era’s standards, would have been sound religious and political structures for that part of the world.


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