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Bibi Rocks Congress


It’s a rare event when you see a foreign leader from an allied country welcomed with adulation by the U.S. Congress, yet rejected by the presidential administration of the day. Yet, that is what happened today when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress. Invited by House Speaker John Boehner and spurned by a petulant Barack Obama, Netanyahu presented a compelling and irrefutable case of why a nuclear arms agreement with Iran would be a bad deal. Netanyahu illustrated his oration with historical examples such as that contained in the Old Testament book of Esther of how Esther helped disrupt an attempt by Persian “leader” Haman to destroy the Jews, with contemporary analogies of how Iran is the world’s leading supporter of terrorism, of the dangerous geopolitical reach Iran currently has, and how the rhetoric of Iranian leaders since the 1978-1979 revolution has been fixated on proclaiming their unrelenting desire to destroy Israel.

Sadly, in his efforts to achieve a “legacy,” Barack Obama and his administration of appeasers pathetically cling to the infantile delusion that Tehran’s Shiite ayatollah gangster regime, can negotiate a rational western style diplomatic agreement and scrupulously abide by its terms. Obama and his acolytes conveniently ignore the bloodthirsty reality of this regime and its imperial Islamist aspirations. A nuclear armed Iran would cause numerous neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia to accelerate their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons to deter Iran. Talk about pouring additional gasoline on a fiery inferno. The western world must permanently abandon the secularist notion that Iran is a rational actor interested in preserving internationally recognized human values.

Instead we must recognize that Tehran’s mullahs and messianic ally bloodthirsty mullahs, no different in intent than ISIS (despite the Shiite/Sunni sectarian divide) who seek to reimpose their own version of the caliphate in the form of a restored Persian Empire. They are perfectly willing to annihilate Israel and other countries refusing to submit to their dictates. The only way you can deal with such a regime is through the willingness to apply and use overwhelming military force against it and to break their spiritual pretensions. If any deal is reached between the Obama Administration and Iran, Congress must boldly exert its constitutional prerogative and reject it. Unfortunately, the new Republican Congress did not demonstrate courage in asserting its constitutional prerogative when it acquiesced to the Obama Administration’s illegal immigration executive action by passing a Homeland Security appropriation bill which did absolutely nothing to stop Obama’s blatantly unconstitutional power grab.

We should be grateful that the world has courageous and visionary leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu who speak truth to power regardless of how unpopular that truth might be with the chattering cognoscenti. Hopefully, Israeli voters will have the wisdom to see that they are blessed with a leader of moral and strategic vision and clarity and reelect him and his government when they vote later this month.


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