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Hillary Clinton’s Obstruction


Bashing Hillary Clinton is a bloodsport whom I delight in along with many other conservatives. It never ceases to amaze me how many Americans and foreign nationals engage in prepubescent fawning over this imperious termagant whose substantive public service accomplishments are extremely limited. However, there are no limits on her accomplishments when it comes to a sense of entitlement, preening arrogance, and her belief that laws and rules don’t apply to her, her tomcat “husband,” and her superficial daughter and her family.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was legally required to keep all governmental records that were part of her official duties under the Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act. These statutes were enacted and are, hopefully enforced, to ensure that the American public and the international community eventually have access to the records she used as part of her decision making while serving as the U.S.’ chief foreign policymaker from 2009-2013. Federal officials as part of the procedure of their departure from federal office are required to read and sign Standard Form 109 indicating they have transferred their official papers to the agency they served in preparation for their eventual transfer to the National Archives.

Today, we learned Hillary Clinton did not sign Standard Form 109. We have already known for several days that she kept a personal server for her email correspondence in likely violation of federal statute. If Hillary was just talking with the girls in Chappaqua, NY about Chelsea’s wedding over some other social triviality none of this would matter. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton had access to all the U.S. Government’s most sensitive national security and foreign policy information. This information would contain intelligence data about global hotspots such as Benghazi, Libya, information about individuals who provide the U.S. Government information at great personal risk to their lives and health, sensitive information about government negotiating strategies, and even detailed psychological analyses of allied and hostile foreign leaders. While U.S. Government agency email security is not perfect, it is far less likely to be penetrated by hostile foreign governments or hackers than on a personal email server. A recently released State Department inspector general report revealed serious flaws in that department’s enforcement of its records management requirements. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility to think that Chinese or Russian cyberwarriors got to peek over their shoulders to see what Madame Hillary wrote about in her diplomatic activities when such scribblings should have been limited to legitimate U.S. Government personnel with appropriate security clearances.

A sanctimonious sense of entitlement has been the hallmark of Hillary Clinton’s public career. Despite being fired as counsel for the congressional Watergate Committee, Hillary Clinton has managed to attract controversy and corruption the way light attracts moths. Those of us who remember the debauched presidency of her “husband” recall her roles in the White House Travel Office firings, the Whitewater Scandal, her amazing profits in cattle futures speculation, the Clinton Administration’s health care task force, and her bleating about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” when Bill’s morally degenerate behavior with Monica Lewinsky came to light resulting in his impeachment by the House of Representatives.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton think they are above the law and will obstruct justice, vilify, lie, cheat, steal, and extort any individual and organization who seeks to expose and punish their perpetual perfidy.
Hillary Clinton has clearly obstructed justice by withholding and potentially destroying government records from her tenure as Secretary of State. I hope congressional Republicans are very aggressive and demonstrate Tasmanian Devil tenacity and ferocity in trying to subpoena her and extract ALL of her emails which may be useful in indicting, convicting, and imprisoning this vile boil on the American republic. It even appears Clinton violated 18 USC 2071 (the section of the U.S. Criminal Code) stating that anyone willfully and unlawfully concealing, removing, mutilating, obliterating, or destroying, or attempting to do so, intending to carry away government records filed with any U.S. court or public office, “shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both” and “is disqualified from holding any office under the United States.” Sounds like Hillary to me.

The fact that she considers herself presidential material, despite her failed tenure as Secretary of STate and U.S. Senator, along with her perpetual corruption, is a sad commentary on the political and moral maturity of our country. She even fired a U.S. Ambassador who illegally set up their own email account for official business yet hypocritically expects herself to remain immune to judicial accountability. I take great delight in the possibility that we will see this woman dragged down from her exalted throne, placed in handcuffs, and faces the possibility of spending time in prison. Hopefully, this will be in a prison with other hard core criminals instead of a minimum security prison.

If Americans are to begin regaining some trust in their government and to believe that the highest ranked individuals are held accountable for their crimes, than it is imperative that Hillary Clinton be investigated, convicted, and genuinely punished for her actions. She is not an aspiring statesman whom individuals should emulate, but a depraved vampiress who needs to have a stake driven through her heart!


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