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Indiana Religious Freedom Act


My state of Indiana experienced a paroxysm of media frenzy, political and economic coercion by pro-homosexual groups, and overall infantile hysteria when the General Assembly recently enacted a religious freedom law.  This commonsense statute, inspired by the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act and by statutes in 20 other states, would give individuals and businesses some legal protection if they are forced to provide products and services that go against genuinely held religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, the law’s turgid legal prose and indecisive defense of it by Governor Mike Pence and the bill’s authors allowed the media and pro-homosexual activists to distort its intent.  The legislation’s opponents falsely claimed it would allow wholesale discrimination against those sharing their lifestyle proclivities.  They even threatened to withdraw business investment if their advocacy of perversion was not surrendered to.   The General Assembly partially succumbed to these threats by including “clarifying language” inserting the social constructs sexual orientation and gender identity into this legislation.  Thankfully, they did not make sexual orientation and gender identity into protected classes.

Demonic outrage against this statute even became so fierce, that there was actually a case of a Christian owned pizza restaurant in Walkerton being forced to close due to vicious and despicable threats made against it because an employee said in a set up TV interview by ABC’s South Bend affiliate, that religious convictions would keep them from catering a same sex wedding.  Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of Dana Loesch of Blaze TV, more than $842,000 was raised in an admirable grass roots crowd funding effort and, hopefully, Miracles Pizza will soon reopen.

While we should always strive to treat individuals with dignity as God’s unique creations, individuals of all religious traditions, including secularists, who support some semblance of traditional morality and U.S. constitutional protections need to stand up and forcefully and effectively fight the coercive efforts of those advocating sexually deviant behavior.  This movement has gone beyond seeking legal equality and now seeks to forcibly impose its consciously chosen deviant lifestyle on all sectors of society.  They use methods of intimidation and bullying which would please any historical or contemporary terrorist group.  They seek to use the politics of group identity and grievance to create a totalitarian dominance over those who refuse to surrender meekly to them and their objectives.

We need to remember the wisdom of founding father John Witherspoon who said “There is not a single instance in history in which civil liberty was lost and religious liberty preserved entire.”  We need to publicly call out and shame those who seek to infringe on religious liberties.  This includes not only stating their names in online forums or letters to the editor, but calling them up, speaking to them directly, and speaking to their supervisors directly.  We need to change the narrative on this subject by demonstrating that the “GLBT” movement seeks to ruin society and that the historical record for societies who deviated from heterosexual norms has resulted in inevitable decline and suicide.  We need to remove the promoters and sustainers of group identity politics from our educational institutions, businesses, governments, media, entertainment industry, and courts.

It must be an indescribably miserable life for GLBT proponents and other apostles of group identity politics.  How much energy does it take to be attentive to any rhetorical slight or microaggression which might fracture your hypersensitive ego? How much time and energy do you spend surveilling the Internet looking for anyone with the audacity to disturb your narcissistic delusions and overwhelming misery?  Why would anyone want to have a real, interpersonal, and substantive relationship with losers like you who are ready to take offense at the slightest provocation or “insensitivity’?  A society which indulges the whims of these misfits is one that is in the throes of disintegration.


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