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How to Drive Hillary Crazy!


Hillary Clinton has begun her campaign for the presidency.  Vast sections of the media and academe are swooning with delirium over the prospect of the first female President.  Those of us with sounder intellectual and moral discernment are committed to doing everything we can to prevent her from reaching 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWQ in Washington, DC.

Hillary’s sense of preening entitlement is truly boundless.  The upcoming release of Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash documenting the corrupt dealings of the Clinton Foundation will, hopefully, cause some to realize the inherently corrupt nature of the Clinton family.  However, the emergence of the Obama narcissistic left in the past decade and historical amnesia has caused many to forget or be ignorant of the manifold corruption and incompetenceoccurring during her husband’s presidency and during her tenure as Senator and Secretary of State.

Czarina Hillary has recently been taking a Potemkin village tour of Iowa and New Hampshire where she interacts with carefully vetted dimwits who worshipfully fawn at her every word, facial gesture, and claim to care for the middle class.  We need to change the narrative so she is exposed to the fury of those who know she is an absolute fraud who is not entitled to be President or hold any other political office in this country.  Consequently, patriotic Americans should take the opportunity to interject themselves into her path and see if they can ignite her notoriously volcanic temper and expose her (preferably on camera) for the monstrous termagant she is.  Here are some questions you can ask her to stoke her bile:

1. I’m interested in becoming a cattle futures trader.  Could you tell me how to be successful at this achieving unrealistically high rates of return like you did?

2. Why did you put your State Department email on a private server despite clear federal laws to the contrary?  Did you consider the possibility that your emails containing the most sensitive national security and foreign policy information, could be hacked by hostile individuals or governments?

3. Doesn’t the Russia Reset, the collapse of the Arab Spring, the rise and growth of ISIS, Iran’s approaching achievement of nuclear weapons, China’s continuing rise in the Asia/Pacific, Benghazi, and the Obama Administration’s pathetic attempt to close Guantanamo, unequivocally demonstrate that you were the worst Secretary of State in American history?

4. Why do you sanctimoniously proclaim your support for “women’s rights”, when the Clinton Foundation has taken lavish sums of contributions from Islamist countries repressing women’s rights in every way possible?

5. Why have you withheld evidence from Congress about your criminally  incompetent and negligent behavior in the botched response to the Benghazi terrorist attack?

6. What legislation did you introduce and pass as Senator which materially benefitted middle class Americans such as simplifying the tax code or eliminating unnecessary government regulations that inhibit job creation or increase the prices middle class Americans have to pay for goods and services?

7. Why do you think faith-based organizations  should have to pay for abortion in their health insurance coverage?

8. Despite being raised a Methodist, describe the “evolution” in your “thinking” that causes you to embrace same sex marriage?  Could your own troubled “marriage” be a contributing factor?

9. If you are such a strong woman, why have you stayed married to Bill Clinton despite his repeated and public humiliations of you through his serial philandering?  Do what extent does this have to deal with your relentless lust for unlimited political power?

10. Tell us why you think the rules of political and legal behavior which apply to Americans don’t apply to you?

11. Where is the evidence that you’ll be a more forceful and effective defender of our national interests than Barack Obama has been?  Why should Americans believe your foreign and national security policies will be any different than Obama’s when you were intimately involved in formulating and implementing these policies for four years?

12. What makes you think you will be seen as anything other than an incompetent and easily manipulated dolt by hostile world leaders such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Ayatollah Khameini, Bashir Assad, Raul Castro, and Xi Jinping?

13. What specific reforms will  you make to unsustainable federal entitlement programs that will reduce our federal budget deficit and national debt?  Who in the Democratic  Party social welfare coalition are you willing to offend to achieve this?

14. Race relations in this country have drastically deteriorated during the Obama presidency.  Will you appoint race hustling officials like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch to important positions like Attorney General?  Will you publicly distance yourself from and publicly rebuke race hustlers like Al Sharpton who fan the flames of illegal behavior and engage in the lowest form of political demagoguery?

15. If you are committed to some conception of campaign finance reform, what restrictions, if any, will your campaign engage in when it comes to fundraising and campaign expenditures?

I welcome additional suggested questions from readers.


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