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Baltimore Blows Up


Yesterday, we saw Baltimore erupt in rioting following the funeral of an individual who died in police custody.  This individual had a lengthy police record and it is to their credit that his family urged people to stay peaceful.  We may not know what caused his death, but we have again witnessed the fury of a racially stoked mob egged on by race hustlers from street gangs, the “Nation of Islam,” and individuals such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

The results were not pretty.  Numerous police officers were injured, businesses were looted and destroyed, a CVS pharmacy was set on fire, and even a newly constructed seniors center was destroyed.  The situation was exacerbated further by the pathetically slow and sluggish response of local authorities to this insurrection.  Baltimore’s dimwitted mayor gave tacit encouragement to rioters when she said they needed room to express their frustration and actually waited a day before imposing a curfew.  Matters were made worse this afternoon when Baltimore’s police chief said the police needed to change their ways of operating.  You know you’ve got problems when a police chief of a major city panders to criminal ideology.  Maryland’s Governor was way to slow calling up the National Guard.

Baltimore is a classic example of a city which has fallen hook, line, and sinker for liberal ideology.  It’s mayor and police commissioner are black as is a majority of its police force.  Yet, we repeatedly heard those sympathetic to the rioters invoke the standard leftist rhetorical mantra of “institutionalized racism” and whining about the things the police “were doing to them.”

This is the inevitable result of 1960’s Great Society liberalism.  This nefarious ideology spent trillions to alleviate poverty only to exacerbate it.  It produced the breakdown of families of all races by encouraging sloth and producing a situation in which nearly 2/3 of black families do not have a father.  It has worsened by a bleating rights-based mentality, fostered by secular and religious leaders, who think that personal responsibility does not matter and that blacks are entitled to something because of the long dead institution of slavery.  The brutal reality is that police respond to criminal activity where and when it occurs and not because of a mythical “institutional racism.”  If you want to avoid police intrusion into your life, obey the law and stay away from criminal activity.  It’s really that simple even though some people will cry “racism” at anyone with the audacity to question the leftist victim narrative.

What these “leaders” should have done was preemptively target gang leaders who had made threats against law enforcement personnel.  The National Guard and local police forces should have been given the most liberal possible rules of engagement including the use of lethal force.  If necessary, martial law should have been declared and habeus corpus suspended.  The first priority of a city’s leaders are the physical protection of their law-abiding populations and protection of personal and business property.  It’s particularly ironic that this rioting occurred on the first day of Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tenure after the U.S. Senate’s unwise confirmation of this Eric Holder follower last week.  What an appropriate augury for the future under this new Attorney General who is part of an administration that seeks to excuse criminal behavior perpetrated by its ethnic compatriots.

After what has happened in Baltimore in the last few days, I completely understand why any prospective business would avoid “Charm City” like a plague.  To create economic development and opportunity in a  city you need law and order and a populace that wants to work and live law-abiding lives.  This is clearly not the case in Baltimore where the leftist victim mentality so permeates the local body politic, that it will take generations of hard work to eliminate it from the psyches of that city’s residents.

This is a wonderful political opportunity for Republican presidential candidates.  Baltimore is the perfect illustration of what happens when you pursue the liberal path of moral relativism, family breakdown, and excusing immoral and criminal behavior.  Republican presidential candidates need to repeatedly beat the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton over the head for this culture of thuggish behavior which they policies have consciously created and sustained.  While police can make mistakes, we need to make it clear that this country is governed by laws and not feral mobs of drunken drug-addled rioters.


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