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Charleston Murders and Confederate Flag Craziness


I was touched, like many other Americans were, by the horrendous murders at Charleston, SC’s Emmanuel AME Church.  Approximately two weeks before this act of evil, Becky and I were enjoying our vacation is the picturesque, historic, and classy city.  Our hotel was just two blocks from this church and we walked by it one afternoon and were impressed by its architectural edifice.  Sadly, evil in the from of satanic perversion made its presence felt when a deranged man entered the church’s evening Bible study under false pretenses, and murdered nine people including the minister who was also a State Senator.

My prayers remain with the church’s members, families, and friends.  I have been particularly impressed by the example of Christian forgiveness shown by church members.  It would take a long time for me to show forgiveness toward someone who murdered my friends and loved ones.  I was also impressed by the solidarity shown by Charlestonians toward their fellow citizens.  It’s been gratifying to see them not fall for ethnic identity politics.

At the same time, though, others have let the satanic embrace of ethnic and group identity politics color their responses.  Gun control fanatics, never letting a crisis go to waste, have instinctively blamed guns for this problem when they should recognize the inherent evil present in human nature as the root cause of this act.  The murderer harbored nefarious views of blacks, but the continually deployed rhetorical assaults of the increasingly meaningless concept of racism do not help matters.

Yes, the perpetrator is a white supremacist, but he should be tried on multiple murder charges and face the death penalty as swiftly as possible upon conviction.  Inserting the tiresome leftist cliche of “hate crimes” into his trial and bloating about “systemic racism” represents ideological grandstanding at its worst.

Turning to the Confederate flag, controversy, this blog will aspire to displease both sides of this issue.  We have witnessed an attempt by various retailers to “ideologically cleanse” the Confederate Flag from American retailing.  Yet these same self-righteous critics willingly sell Black nationalist, Nazi, Communist, and Islamist paraphernalia in their online and traditional emporiums without batting an eye.  I get tired of bleating that the Confederate flag is so obnoxious that it causes various symptoms of physical and psychological anxiety and distress whenever some people see it in public.  This is imbecilic nonsense coming from people who have foisted drivel such as “micro aggression” and “targeting” into American higher educational institutions in the name of the false gods of diversity and inclusion.  No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to expunge symbols of shameful and evil behavior from public life.

At the same time, I am tired of enthusiasts for the Confederacy proclaiming their flag has some kind of mystical significance.  The Confederates were traitors who plunged our country into a bloody Civil War claiming over 620,000 lives which remains the deadliest conflict in U.S. History.  This was done in the name of an ideology which enslaved millions of God’s creations in the name of an oppressive and ineffective economic system.  If the confederacy had survived the Civil War without surrendering to the Union it would have become an economic basket case similar to today’s Greece.  It would have required a large military force and enormous taxes to maintain its security against slave insurrections and Union encouraged subversion.  The Confederacy did not have the tax base to maintain a viable economy, it would have failed to adapt to the industrial revolution and its opportunities, and abysmal financial management by Jefferson Davis’ government during the Civil War would have eventually caused it to financially default and beg for money on international financial markets.  If there had been an International Monetary  Fund in the late 1860’s, they would surely have laughed at any Confederate request for a financial bailout.

While many Confederates saw themselves as Christians, it is highly likely many of them did not hear Jesus say “Well done, good and faithful servant” when they died and stood before Him to account for their lives.  I favor Governor Nikki Haley’s request that the Confederate flag be removed from in front of South Carolina’s state capitol and think it should be removed from places of prominence in other southern state capitol buildings.  The Confederate flag should be exhibited in museums, archives, and other places as a historical artifact and an example of how not to govern a republic.


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