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The Deadly Consequences of Illegal Immigrants


The Obama Administration’s failure to enforce immigration laws has deadly consequences.  This has been demonstrated numerous times in recent years as evidenced by an illegal immigrant murdering two Sacramento area law enforcement personnel 1-2 years ago.  The recent murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by illegal alien Francisco Sanchez is an especially heartbreaking example of a federal, state, and local policies that are more interested in protecting criminals and making ideological points than protecting the general public.  Steinle was a generous woman who cared about those she came into contact with and was very close to her family.

While walking with her father enjoying San Francisco’s scenic natural beauty she was brutally murdered by Sanchez who had a rap sheet of seven felony convictions and admitted he took advantage of San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” status to elude accountability for his crimes.  It’s not surprising something like this would happen in San Francisco.  The City by the Bay is already well known for its indulgence of perverse lifestyle practices.  In its desire to show “solidarity” with illegal aliens, it, and many other intellectually and morally malign metropolises, have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities.  Such cities refuse to enforce federal immigration laws and provide a welcome mat for illegal aliens which poses acute financial burdens on these city, state, and federal taxpayers.  This situation in san Francisco is exacerbated by the local sheriff Russ Mirkarimiis knowingly allowing Sanchez to run free while withholding his own 2012 probation sentence of three years in a domestic violence case involving his wife.  The Obama Administration has been a big promoter of refusing to enforce federal immigration laws and showed its own callousness toward the Steinle family today when Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, in testimony today before a congressional committee, admitted that he was not sure if his department had reached out to the Steinle family.

This is what you get when you have an administration  whose ideological emphasis is providing aid and comfort to garden variety thugs like Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and the Baltimore rioters instead of providing comfort and assistance to the victims of crime and their families.

It is high time for Congress to crack down on sanctuary cities by denying them criminal justice, homeland security, and even emergency relief assistance.  Fortunately, legislation encompassing some of these objectives is being introduced in Congress.  The House Judiciary Committee has compiled this website showing the ghastly consequences of Obama Administration illegal immigration policy including Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions on amnesty.

The foundation of effective immigration policy must begin with border security and promoting public safety.  Immigrants desiring to come to this country must have professional skills this country needs, adhere to Judeo-Christian compatible values, speak English, and assimilate into the anglocentric mainstream of our society.  We have had enough bloviating about promoting multiculturalism and diversity.  Kate Steinle’s tragic murder shows the abject failure of leftist immigration policy and its deadly consequences.  How many more law-abiding Americans must die at the hands of illegal aliens before we abandon an immigration policy which rewards illegal behavior and criminal activity?  Another piercing question which must be asked is why Mexico and other Latin American countries, over a period of decades, have been such a rich source of illegal immigration to the U.S?  Why can’t these countries provide enough economic and social opportunity to meet the aspirations of their peoples?  Why can’t their governments provide open and transparent government and get their acts together so vast numbers of their population are not enticed by the opportunities provided in the U.S?  In the U.S., we must also ask why so many Americans refuse to do menial work to start their economic careers and why so many U.S. companies are willing to violate immigration law by hiring illegal immigrants?  Why do so many of our political leaders lack the will to address these unpleasant and even incendiary issues?  The regurgitations of racism and insensitivity by the peddlers of identity politics demagoguery are key reasons why it is very difficult to have adult conversations on the subject of illegal immigration in contemporary American political debate.


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