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Deconstructing the Donald


As we approach summer’s climatic apex, New York City real estate and gambling mogul, Donald Trump has ascended to the top of the polls among Republican presidential contenders.  Trump has been able to do this as a result of his adroit use of the media, his penchant for snappy one-liners, and his willingness to say and do anything to promote his preening personality and enormous ego.  He has also been aided and abetted by an incredibly superficial media that hangs onto his pronouncements as if he were a delphic oracle.

This is hardly the case.  Trump spouts simplistic platitudes about complex public policy issues appealing to the lowest  common denominator among all segments of the American political and intellectual spectrum.  Let’s dispense with the notion that Donald Trump is a genuine Republican.   An April 26, 2011 Washington Post article offers revealing insights into his political contributions to Democratic luminaries such as the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee for New York, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Rahm Emanuel, Charles Schumer, Harry Reid, and Charlie Rangel.  Making financial contributions to these low lives is not the sign of a populist Conservative Republican, but efforts by a consummate opportunist to curry favor with prominent individuals and organizations in national and regional politics who can favorably assist Trump in his multifaceted business and media ventures.

Trump has made his money in areas such as real estate speculation and gambling.  Why any self-respecting conservative would support an enabler of addictive and destructive behavior like gambling is incomprehensible.  Trump is hardly an embodiment of conservative values in his own life.  He has had three marriages and once bragged about having the “best sex ever” with a former wife.  Trump has successfully ridden legitimate public anger over illegal immigration to media prominence, but has made no specific policy recommendations for changing federal immigration laws or regulations.  He regularly claims China is economically eating our lunch, but offers no specific or credible policy responses to China’s economic growth or its increasing military assertiveness.

Trump’s recent criticism of Arizona Senator John McCain as not being a war hero because he was captured is extraordinarily stupid.  When you go to war, nothing is guaranteed.  I would like to see how Trump would fare spending six years in a prison cell under the most degrading conditions possible.  It’s hard to imagine what Trump would do or be if money didn’t exist.  He would truly be a pathetic and helpless wretch.  Trump sanctimoniously denounced McCain for not doing anything to help veterans.  Trump is so ignorant of government and of congressional legislation that he doesn’t realize that McCain, as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, does not have jurisdiction of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. If Trump has genuine concerns about improving veterans medical care he should contact Senate Veterans Affairs Committee chair Richard Burr of North Carolina and House Veterans Affairs Committee chair Jeff Miller of Florida and offer constructive suggestions instead of being a bloviating blowhard.

The upcoming GOP presidential debate in Cleveland, should see the Republican candidates make it their mission to cut Trump down to size and humiliate him so thoroughly with his ignorance that he is forced to drop out of the race.  Being President of the United States is serious business and requires gravitas, instead of a prancing poseur who is more concerned with burnishing his titanic ego and offering simplistic soundbites instead of seriously addressing the acute problems facing our nation and world.  Right now, Donald Trump is the Democratic Party’s trojan horse “gift” to the GOP.  His presence distracts attention from Hillary Clinton’s manifold arrogance and scandals and the Obama Administration’s boundless geopolitical stupidity as evidenced by normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba’s gangsterite Castro regime and the appallingly stupid nuclear agreement with Iran’s Islamist theocratic regime which is the worst diplomatic agreement pursued by the U.S. Government in our history.  Trump also distracts from the credible and substantive policies and personalities of candidates like Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, John Kasich, and Bobby Jindal and the party’s need to enhance its electoral appeal to individuals ready to reject Hillary Clinton but will not commit to a party that enables Donald Trump.

The last thing the GOP needs is a replay of Ross Perot in the person of Donald Trump.  The Donald is a pretentious poseur who needs to be publicly humiliated and driven off the presidential stage and room needs to be made for candidates who are seriously committed to repairing the serious damage done to our country, our national security interests, and our constitutional fabric by Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once mentioned that terrorists needed to be cut off from the oxygen of publicity.  The media should follow this advice and not invite Trump to interviews or appear at his egocentric press conferences.


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