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Cuba and Iran Follies


As the Obama Administration descends towards its disastrous end in January 2017, its foreign policy follies are becoming more apparent.  One recent example was the decision to establish diplomatic relations with Cuba.  This island nation has clung to Marxist slavery for five and a half decades and the dictatorial Castro regime remains in power through ably exploiting the leftist ideological delusions of the Obama Administration, gullible U.S. business personnel who foolishly think Cuba offers proliferating export trade opportunities, and dimwitted academics who possess a prepubescent crush on the Castro’s and their purportedly progressive health care policies.

The decision to establish diplomatic relations with Havanna gives this nation the opportunity to engage in espionage in the U.S. which will be funded and encouraged by international dregs as varied as North Korea, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela.  The Castro regime has sought to export its Marxist revolution to countries as varied as Angola, Bolivia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Grenada, and Nicaragua.  The regime’s founder Fidel Castro played a major role encouraging the Soviet Union to establish nuclear missiles in Cuba which produced the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis which is the closest the world has come to nuclear war.  Castro’s regime also produced degenerate thugs like Che Guevara who, although fortunately killed while fomenting subversion in Bolivia, remains a romantic talisman for leftist retards internationally due to the presence of his nefarious visage on tshirts and posters.  The human rights violations of the Castro regime are superbly documented in Armando Villardes Against All Hope.  Besides creating the Caribbean gulag known as the Isle of  Pines, Castro’s regime continues persecuting Christians, Cubans of African ancestry, and has been a major source of drug trafficking and terrorism promotion.

Congress needs to make sure it does not include funding for the U.S. to operate an embassy in Havanna in the State Department appropriations bill and maintains the trade embargo.  If the Castro regime is ever removed from power and if the successor government repudiates this regime’s evil rhetoric deeds, we could then consider restoring diplomatic relations and ending the trade embargo.

The Cuban imbecility is dwarfed by the absolute folly of the nuclear agreement with Iran.  This regime has been a major promoter of Islamist terrorism and it and its proxies are responsible for the deaths of several hundred Americans.  This regime seeks to destroy Israel and obtain the means to destroy the U.S. through its nascent nuclear weapons arsenal.  When their leaders and public say “death to America”, as they have over the past 36 years, they really mean that.  It’s not the psychological abnormalities of a disturbed person and country.  It’s the raison d’être of their revolutionary religious ideology.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz did a good job in today’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing of drawing blood from Beacon Hill bumpkin John Kerry who is one of the principal architects of this Munich like deal.  Other Senate Republicans also eviscerated Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, Energy Secretary Ernest (I need a haircut) Moniz, and Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew for this pathetic capitulation to a terrorist regime.  There’s no way this agreement can be verified due to its absence of intrusive inspections provisions and the repeated willingness of the Iranians to lie and cheat throughout the international community’s pathetic attempts to negotiate this pact which will eventually create a nuclear weapons capability for a messianic terrorist gangster regime which will not adhere to international nuclear restraints such as the Nonproliferation Treaty.

The nuclear part of this agreement is bad enough and the agreement is even worse when you consider that it will remove economic sanctions against Iran and allow over $100 billion to return to Tehran’s coffers.  Do you think Iran will use this for useful purposes like improving the lives of their people, diversifying their energy sources, or promoting peaceful relations with non-Shia Islamic countries?  Think again boys and girls!  They will use the vast majority of this money to enhance their military, their nuclear program, support terrorism and subversion in areas as varied as Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and beyond.  It is increasingly  likely that we, Israel, and Sunni Islamic countries will have to go to war with Iran in the next few years to stop this regime from fulfilling its nefarious aspirations.  Congress absolutely reject this agreement and hand Barack Obama a defeat as stinging as the rejection of the Versailles Treaty was to President Woodrow Wilson.

These diplomatic and geopolitical blunders reflect the appalling stupidity of the Obama Administration and the need for the next President to begin restoring America’s national strength and resolve on the international stage.  In my next blog posting, I will endorse the individual I think is best suited to began restoring American power, economic growth, societal cohesion, and moral clarity.  He is currently playing a leadership role in the opposition to this agreement and the Obama Administration’s disastrous foreign policy.


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