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Marco Rubio for President!


On this first day of August 2015, 17 Republicans have joined the race for the presidency counting former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore’s entry.  The only two of these candidates, I cannot support are Donald Trump, for reasons enumerated earlier this week, and Rand Paul due to his dangerously naive view of national security and the residual libertarian strangeness of his father Ron Paul.

All GOP candidates have strengths and weaknesses.  I admire Ben Carson’s life story, his professional accomplishments, and his moral clarity.  Unfortunately, you need to be an experienced politician to win the presidency and govern and Carson will not be able to withstand mainstream media hostility to a black failing to adhere to the liberal party line and to the Clinton campaign’s assaults.  Carson should be considered for National Institutes of Health director in a Republican presidential administration.

I respect Jeb Bush’s public service, his gubernatorial accomplishments, and his commitment to public service.  While I don’t have the infantile Alinsky anti-establishment mindset some conservatives hold toward Bush, I believe dynastic politics are not in the best interests of the country and its political health.  While I oppose the leftist nature of Common Core, as an educator I think conservatives need to think seriously about developing national educational standards which enhance conservative principles in public life and augment national economic and technological competitiveness against our friends and enemies.  I am also dismayed by Bush’s use of the leftist catchphrase “hateful” to describe Donald Trump’s recent attacks on illegal immigration.  Bush needs to recognize that illegal immigration is a serious threat to public order and national cohesion and he does himself no favor by resorting to  leftist rhetoric.  While I will vote for Jeb Bush, if he becomes the Republican nominee it will not be with great enthusiasm and his nomination would represent continued GOP adherence to a political worldview which does not address emerging 21st century challenges.

I admire Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker very much. He is doing a good job with Wisconsin’s economic recovery and conservatives owe him eternal gratitude for his public union policy.  I am concerned about his foreign policy inexperience and his recent efforts which give the impression that he wants to abolish tenure in Wisconsin’s higher educational system have not been well handled.  He should have focused his efforts on eliminating leftist political correctness from Wisconsin higher educational curriculum which restricts the academic freedom and unfettered debate which are essential to educational advancement.

Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, and John Kasich all have strengths which would make them effective national leaders.  Jindal is a stalwart social conservative with amazing intellectual acumen.  His health care expertise would make him a worthy Secretary of Health and Human Services and he could draw up an effective patient-centered and market-oriented health care program to replace the disaster of Obamacare.  I admire Christie’s bluntness and take no prisoners rhetoric.  He has probably done as well as any Republican can in the heavily Democratic state of  New Jersey.  John Kasich has done a good job resurrecting Ohio’s economy and his 2014 reelection victory in which he even won heavily Democratic Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) merits his consideration as a possible Vice-Presidential candidate given Ohio’s critical electoral importance.  Kasich was chair of the House Budget Committee the last time the U.S. had a balanced budget and also has solid knowledge of national security.  I am troubled by  his expansion of medicaid in Ohio.  While he’s right to heed the biblical admonition to help the poor, he should focus his efforts on getting the poor to make wiser lifestyle choices so they don’t become dependent on governmental largesse.

I have decided that Marco Rubio represents the best hope for Republicans to recapture the presidency and began restoring our national economic and international strength which have been so grievously damaged by the Obama presidency.  Rubio’s family background is compelling and he has risen by God’s grace and his own merits to become U.S. Senator.

He is a powerful and compelling public speaker and he seeks to encourage Americans to strive for the better angels of  our nature.  He comes from the critically important electoral state of Florida and represents a clear and positive alternative to the desiccated and corrupt leftism of Hillary Clinton.  The Republicans need to offer voters a clear alternative choice to Clinton and Rubio is that choice.  During his tenure in the Senate Rubio has been busy creating legislation to promote personal morality, enhance economic growth, and improve national security.  During the 112th Congress (2011-2012) he introduced or cosponsored 204 bills.  The 113th Congress (2013-2014) he introduced or cosponsored 231 bills and in the current 114th Congress he has introduced or cosponsored 131 bills.  He serves on important committees such as the Commerce, Science, and Transportation committee and his national security credentials are bolstered by his service on the Foreign Relations and  Intelligence Committees.

While on this latter committee, he helped cowrite the blistering and irrefutable dissent to this committee’s idiotic report denouncing the U.S.’ enhanced interrogation program against Islamist terrorists.  Rubio deals with the world as it is, instead of engaging in idealistic panglossian fantasies such as the Obama Administration has.  Rubio understands the disaster the Iranian agreement will be if implemented and his writings and speeches demonstrate a realistic and historically grounded understanding of all international affairs and national security topics affecting the U.S.  He will be more than a match for Islamic terrorism, Xi Jinping, Iranian mullahs, Vladimir Putin, and other leaders and movements threatening our national interests.

He has presented a credible plan for tax reform, understands the need for the U.S. to drastically reform its entitlement programs, stands for enhancing U.S. energy independence, fighting against economic growth damaging environmental regulations, and the need to reform our educational system to make it responsible for 21st century economic and workforce challenges.

Rubio has also been a stalwart defender of unborn children andtraditional moral values including male-female marriage.  He has proven he can learn from mistakes such as his initial ill-advised attempt at immigration reform.  He now knows the importance of border security and the critical value of new legal immigrants having skills enabling them to be productive and law-abiding contributors to the U.S.  Rubio will also appoint judges who adhere to the Constitution, do not defy the wishes of the voters, and will be tough on crime.  You will not see a Rubio Administration Justice Department (possibly headed by John Yoo or Chris Christie) indulging in leftist criminal apologizing victim oriented rhetoric or get suckered by Black Lives Matter mythology. A Rubio Administration Justice Department will fight real crime, severely punish its perpetrators, and show empathy for the victims of crime such as the family of Kate Steinle and those who have been murdered by illegal immigrants or Islamist terrorists.

It is often side that such and such election is critically important.  This is somewhat true, but it is particularly true of the 2016 presidential election.  If we elect Hillary Clinton, we will continue down the path of moral degeneration symbolized by abortion on demand, the insidious growth of immoral and destructive sexual behaviors such as homosexuality, attacks against  Christians and others holding traditional religious and moral views, continued economic decline, increasing national debt and budget deficits due to unsustainable growth in federal spending best personified by entitlement programs, and economic stagnation.  Internationally, we will become weaker and more irrelevant as we pursue policies of appeasement while our enemies ranging from transnational drug cartels, Islamist terrorists, and rogue nations such as Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China gain strength and attack us and our vital interests as we see we are unwilling to respond in kind.

We can, however, begin the painful and protracted process of reversing these trends by electing Marco Rubio as President, restoring Judeo-Christian constitutional principles as the bulwark of our governing polity, taking painful but necessary steps to restore economic solvency,  promoting economic growth and personal empowerment, and rebuilding our military strength to prepare for the  geopolitical diplomatic and military confrontations facing us in the near future according to Colin Gray’s book  Another Bloody Century.

On one hand, our choice is between the toxically failed, incompetent, plutocratic and corrupt termagant Hillary Clinton whose election will bring additional decline, disgrace, and disaster to the U.S. and its friends.  On the other hand, we can choose Marco Rubio who embodies the American dream by coming from a modest background, reaching the  U.S. Senate through providential blessing and having a positive and proven vision and policies for economic success, moral restoration, and national and international reinvigoration.  Rubio is capable of reaching beyond traditional conservatives to encourage all Americans, regardless of their personal backgrounds, to reach for their God-given potential instead of wallowing in victimhood dependency on governmental support and insidious group identity politics.  I encourage conservatives and other Americans of sound intellectual and moral principle to support his candidacy.  The upcoming debate in Cleveland will present an excellent opportunity for Rubio to demonstrate his assets, personal narrative, sound policy prescriptions,  and why he will be the best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton in next  year’s presidential election and begin restoring America’s hope and  promise which has disappeared during the disastrous Obama years.


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