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The Black Lives Matter Movement is Bad News


In the wake of the tragedies in Ferguson, MO resulting in the death of Michael Brown, the death of Eric Garner in Staten  Island,  NY, and other tragedies involving the deaths of black individuals, a criminal apologist movement called Black Lives Matter has emerged.  This movement ostensibly claims to seek justice for what it regards as victims of “systemic police oppression” and “institutionalized racism.”  Its ultimate goal, however, is subversion of our criminal justice system and the unleashing of anarchy upon our communities and country.

All lives matter, regardless of their race.  Individuals who obey the law and play by the rules deserve the full protections of our Constitution and criminal justice system.  What Black Lives Matter seeks, aided and abetted by its useful idiots in academe, popular culture, and significant segments of the media, is to subvert domestic tranquillity by allowing mobs of hoodlums to target the police, law abiding individuals, and other symbols of a purported “white privilege” to act out their perpetual victim ideology and engage in wanton destruction.  If this happens our societal cohesion will disintegrate rapidly and we will witness the phenomenon Australian military historian and anthropologist David Kilcullen has described as feral cities.  Events in locales as varied as Ferguson and Baltimore, MO should not been seen as isolated spasms of “genuine public outrage” at alleged police misconduct,, but potential harbingers of urban areas which could descent into Mogadishu, Somalia like maelstroms of destruction and demolition if they are not dealt with firmly.

The brutal facts of the matter is that black men commit violent crime, and are victimized by violent crime, far out of proportion to their demographic numbers.  This is due to a variety of factors including the  five decade long collapse of the Black family due to LBJ’s Great Society policies encouraging the abandonment of fatherhood to receive social assistance benefits, the disintegration of Judeo-Christian moral grounding and the rise of moral relativism which refuses to take responsibility for individual behavior and seeks to blame amorphous factors such as the increasingly meaningless term racism for immoral and reckless personal behavior, failing public education systems in many urban areas which refuse to impose discipline and a desire to learn upon students, egregious parental failures, and even more egregious failures by Liberal Democrat dominated city governments to provide economic and social opportunities for their citizens while playing race-baiting games designed to trap their citizens into a multigenerational cycle of slavish dependency on government handouts.

The response of presidential candidates to this is not inspiring.  Former Maryland Governor Martin “Marshmellow” O’Malley let himself be bullied by Black Lives Matter extortionists at a Netroots event in Arizona.  Hillary Clinton, the doyenne of leftist “white privilege”, proclaimed her solidarity with the rampaging mobs of this movement, clueless Bernie Sanders let  himself be bulldozed by these thugs at a Seattle rally, and even Jeb Bush did nothing significant to rebuke these hoodlums when they tried disrupting a public meeting he was holding in Las Vegas.

The way to respond to these thugs includes calling them out for the disruptive barbarians and saying that they will not be listened to until they learn to behave properly.  Black Lives Matter participants need to be bluntly told that if they want their lives to matter that they must stop killing themselves in drug deals, over girlfriends, in drunken brawls, and that their quality of life and civil liberties will improve immensely once they start living law-abiding lives and quit disrupting our lives by blocking traffic and vandalizing property.

We must also resist the temptation to pander to them by paralyzing the ability of law enforcement personnel to carry out their jobs.  One example of this is the sudden determination of may law enforcement agencies to equip their officers with body cameras to “document” their activities.  Body cameras can only view activity in front of an officer and this picture will not be clear due to the camera moving as the officer moves.  Body cameras can not detect activity above, behind, or to the side of an officer.  If I were a defense attorney, defending an officer accused of misconduct, I would vividly point out these flaws to any judge or jury considering the officer’s fate.  If police officers are afraid to carry out their duties, as occurred when an officer in Birmingham, AL was seriously beaten for his reluctance to apprehend an insolent suspect, then we are on the road to societal chaos and disintegration described in Thomas Hobbes’ dystopian work Leviathan.

While police misconduct can occasionally occur, the far greater danger to public well-being is the inevitable breakdown in law and order which will occur if criminal apologist organizations like the Innocence Project and subversive movements like Black Lives Matter are allowed to contaminate our law enforcement system and endanger public order and safety through their fraudulent narrative promoting and excusing criminal behavior.  Political candidates need to speak truth to power about the need to maintain societal cohesion, and be willing to offend Black Lives Matter by rhetorically getting in their grille and calling them out as the thugs they are.  We must not fall into the trap of ethnic separatism and balkanization espoused by opponents of group identity politics like Black Lives Matter.  Instead, we need to adhere to the national motto of”E Pluribus Unum,  “out of many one,” and ensure that law abiding Americans of all races are able to live their lives without fear of being harassed by Black Lives Matter extortionists.  Politicians standing up to these hoodlums deserve our support and will derive tremendous political benefit from demonstrating such courage.


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