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Hispanics and Immigration


Donald Trump’s ascendancy into the polls has come about through his blunt talking about immigration and the problems this has posed for American economic and societal cohesion. While I share some of Trump’s concerns, I am appalled by his simplistic approach to this issue which thinks that illegal immigration can be dealt with as simply as a real estate transaction involving commercial developers and making a deal with them.

Another problem in public discussion of this topic is the fallacious assumption that every single Hispanic in the country has a monomaniacal fixation with immigration has a public policy issue. While this is true for some some as Univision’s Jorge Ramos and other members of the militant illegal immigration apologist nation such as La Raza Unida, the vast majority of Hispanics in this country are trying to live their lives, playing by the rules, and obeying the law. It is unfortunately, true, that many Hispanics have let themselves be seduced by leftist group identity politics. However, we must also recognize that many Hispanics have legally and successfully entered the political arena by appealing to multiple races and not pandering to base leftist group identify politics. Examples of these successful Hispanics include Illinois Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, New Mexico and Nevada Governors Susanna Martinez and Brian Sandoval, and U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio with Rubio being my choice to be President.

Our immigration debate needs to be open and candidates must not be afraid of discussing real world phenomena such as anchor babies and illegal aliens without fear of infantile diatribes against these terms being bleated out by proponents of leftist group identity politics. Immigration policy debate needs to include discussion and analysis of why the failed political, social, and economic structures of many Latin American countries has persisted for multiple decades compelling many of their citizens to feel they have to immigrate to the United States. Honest immigration debate also must expand its geographic coverage to understand why many Chinese and other foreign nationals feel they need to take advantage of birthright citizenship by flying to the U.S. so pregnant women can give birth to their babies in the U.S.

Honest immigration debate also needs to determine whether the conditions for including birthright citizenship when the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868 are present today or whether we should consider eliminating birthright citizenship given current economic and social conditions. Mature debate on immigration reform should also consider restoring the national origins provision abolished by the 1965 Immigration Act. It would be nice to think this could occur without the instinctive leftist rhetorical resort to crying racism, bigotry, or other empty canards.

Hispanics are capable of assimilating into the anglocentric foundations of our country and being productive and honorable citizens. As conservatives, we need to tap into their desire to be full fledged partners in the American dream and separate them from the purveyors of ethnic and racial separatism who consider them to be nothing more than cogs in the warped leftist caudillo mentality of requiring perpetual dependence on government peonage.


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