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I Stand With Kim Davis


The inevitable result of America’s drift into secularism and departing from our Judeo-Christian moorings was reached in Kentucky yesterday. Rowan County clerk Kim Davis was sentenced to jail by federal Eastern District “Judge” David Bunning, the son of former Kentucky GOP Senator Jim Bunning. Davis’ “crime”, in the eyes of this magistrate who has been rated as unqualified by the American Bar Association, was refusing to fulfill the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision mandate to marry same-sex couples.

Davis refused to marry these individuals based on sincere religious objections to this act. These individuals had plenty of other options including getting “married” in other counties or continuing to live their consciously chosen and recklessly destructive lifestyles together without the imprimatur of marriage. Bunning, however, and the acolytes of same-sex marriage could not resist the opportunity to punish an individual, and a duly elected local government official, who refused to genuflect before the “sacrament” of “marriage equality” recently “discovered” by constitutional dimwits Justices Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elaina Kagan in their ruling this past June. Those rejoicing at this newly “discovered” constitutional right should be aware that such “legal reasoning” could lead a future Supreme Court to find a penumbra in the 13th Amendment which would allow for slavery’s restoration in some guise.

A myth promulgated by secularist opponents of constitutional governance is the nostrum of the separation of church and state. In his letter to the Danbury Connecticut Baptists in 1802, Thomas Jefferson referred to a “wall of separation” between church and state. What he meant by this, however, was not that religion should not be part of national governance, but that the government should not interfere with religious affairs. Christians, or any other serious adherent of a recognized world religion, will tell you that their religious observations encompass all aspects of their lives. Religious faith, to be successful, must be practiced, lived, and articulated at home, work, and in the public arena. The fact that someone is an employee of a government agency DOES NOT mean that they have to “turn their faith off” once they enter the doors of the county courthouse, city hall, capitol, or government office building or facility. The founding fathers placed high emphasis on the criticality of personal and societal virtue as being key prerequisites of successful republican governance. A society in which unelected judges can jail elected public officials for not adhering to the perverse rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court is a society in which virtue has been abandoned in favor of popular prepubescent drooling.

Bunning’s idiotic and moronic ukase imposes this false secularist dualism on government employees who are individuals of faith. While the constitution is cited as the supreme law of the land, it should be referred to as the supreme SECULAR law of the land. For those of us who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Bible is the supreme law. Scriptures of other religions also take precedence for individuals adhering to those religions as their supreme law however much they might revere the U.S. Constitution. The founding fathers would be appalled at the morass militant secularists have created with this judicial diktat prohibiting opposition to homosexual behavior and activity in the public sphere.

Since Bunning is allegedly a Catholic, his diocese should instruct the church he attends to refuse to serve him Communion or other church sacraments until he repents of this decision and frees Davis. Kim Davis may not be a constitutional scholar or have had past marital success, but she has the right to carry out her duties according to the dictates of her conscience no matter how unpopular this might be to the cognoscenti who are hostile to religious freedom and genuine constitutional governance.

Those of us who believe traditional marriage is sound public policy and God’s will for personal relationships need to take all necessary measures to resist the efforts of proponents of non-heterosexual normative behavior from the public square. While praying for our leaders, we need to continually petition them to respect religious freedom and recognize that heterosexual marriage is sound public policy and that societies rejecting this proven millennia old marital standards will face destruction from either human or divine causation or some combination.

The struggle against slavery was a multigenerational conflict as it the struggle against abortion. In this case, we must be willing to violate this Supreme Court ruling until it can be reversed. The struggle against attempts to redefine marriage and proper sexual behavior is also a multigenerational endeavor. Christians must engage in this conflict with relentless determination and not expect Jesus to return to bail us out. We must insist that future federal judicial nominees not only not be proponents of liberal activism and that rhetorical advocacy of judicial restraint will not be enough if it is counterbalanced by liberal judicial and political pontificating. Future Republican presidential judicial nominees must commit to restoring conservative constitutional jurisprudence by actively seeking to overturn “established” liberal precedent in cases as varied as Roe v. Wade, Kelo, Obergefell, Engel v. Vitale, and numerous other sectors of talismanic liberal constitutional jurisprudence.

Our lives were not meant to be easy and we must remember that God, not federal judges, is in control and remains the ultimate arbiter of human destiny. Non-Christians who share our beliefs on this subject must also enter the public sphere to explain how destructive Bunning’s decision is to their religious freedom and to constitutional governance and political pluralism.

While proponents of same sex marriage and perverse sexuality may bleat that they are on the “right side of history,” we must respond that history is not driven by popular infatuations and that those of us who know that heterosexual marriage and sexual norms are the only ways for societies to grow and advance are on the right side of eternity.


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