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European Immigration Crisis


Recent weeks have seen the often heart wrenching site of refugees from the Syrian civil war seeking to emigrate to Europe. Many have paid obscene amounts of money to take dangerous boat trips to Greece and have then taken arduous and dangerous land journeys across the Balkans to reach what they think will be the promised lands of Germany and other northern European countries. Many have been enticed by the generous and excessive social welfare benefits these countries have provided to their own populations and previous generations of immigrants. Unfortunately, for them, the ability of these countries to financially support new immigrants has come to a limit as they face acute problems with economic stagnation and the inability to finance economic opportunity for their own citizens due to sclerotic social and economic policies.

Some of these countries, in their well-intentioned desire to accept new refugees, forget their own historical and contemporary problems with absorbing Islamic immigrants. Germany has faced and continues facing challenges with its large Turkish community. Many Islamist immigrants refuse to assimilate into European cultures by failing to learn local languages and maintaining a separatist mentality which seeks to subjugate women and denounces as immoral anyone who refuses to genuflect to their jihadi world view. Despite recent incidents such as the recent failed train attack in France, the 2014 attack against a Jewish Museum in Brussels, the murder of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam, and the ongoing growth of militant Islam in many areas of Europe, some European leaders, whose number sadly includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel, still think their countries should absorb new populations which are democratically and culturally incompatible with European traditions and mores.

ISIS has said that such refugees should foster ISIS’ evil vision by engaging in attacks in European countries. While many emigrants from the Syrian civil war are genuine refugees, there’s no telling how much of the poisonous Islamist ideological seed has been planted into them individually and collectively. The source of this problem, besides being the Islamist worldview, is the Syrian regime of Bassir Assad which has allied itself with dictatorial regimes as diverse as Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Iran’s messianic and expansionist Shiite ayatollahs. Assad’s bankrupt regime and its allies in Moscow and Tehran has engaged in a savage and repressive military conflict to hold on to power at all costs against a country which has been repressed by the Assad family for four and a half decades.

While some of the rebels may seek something vaguely resembling western democracy and pluralism, the preponderance of these rebels find ISIS
and its Talibanic fantasies appealing solutions to their problems. European countries and western countries should only grant asylum to refugees who are Christians, Yazidis, and Kurds who have supported the west in it’s struggles against Islamist evil and are capable of being assimilated as productive and law abiding citizens into our societies. Societal cohesion can often be fragile and the last thing the U.S. and other western countries need is to cope with jihadis hellbent on acting out their revenge fantasies in new theaters of operation. Hungary is right to try to restrict the movement of these illegal immigrants into their country and other countries should emulate Budapest’s example while striving to provide reasonable humanitarian assistance to these refugees. The need to maintain societal cohesion by adhering to assimilationist immigration policies is an irrefutable and inescapable reality demonstrated by historical experience in multiple countries. It is an inescapable reality which cannot be denounced with infantile and imbecilic incantations such as bigotry, hate, racism, and xenophobia as proponents of multiculturalism and mass immigration tend to do.

Our long term goal, however, should be toppling the Assad regime (along with its Russian and Iranian allies) and destroying ISIS, so a Syria freed of Islamist tentacles can be created and strive for mutual and peaceful coexistence with its neighbors with Israel being the most important of the countries surrounding Syria. This can not occur through feckless United Nations babbling and empty resolutions but through sustained and overwhelming military action by a coalition of nations including Arabian Peninsula countries, Israel if necessary, and the U.S. and its allies in Europe and elsewhere.


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