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How Trump Should Have Handled the Muslim Question


During a recent campaign rally in New Hampshire, the preening Donald Trump was confronted with a question that has all the marks of a set up. An individual, claiming to be Bill from White Plains, NY, expressed his purported concern about the Moslem problem in this country and his belief that Barack Obama was a Muslim and not even an American. The fact that Trump did not respond effectively by denouncing this individual, in the eyes of Islamist apologist organization the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other group identity politics agitators on the political left, has brought the usual chattering condescension from the leftist cognoscenti.

A way Trump could have responded to this babbling question, if he actually knew anything about Islamic beliefs, would be to say that real Muslims do not support abortion or sexually aberrant lifestyles like Barack Obama nor would they spend enormous amounts of political capital promoting these positions like Barack Obama has. Of course, since Trump, was a supporter of the infantile birther movement, he is congenitally incapable of denouncing the driveling claims of its proponents or of the idiots who think Obama is a Muslim. Obama’s “religious” beliefs are a mixture of drooling narcissism, leftist Black “Liberation” theology which espouses group identify politics and economic reparations for the crimes of slavery, and the diverse strands of leftist secularism and Saul Alinsky radicalism he imbibed in law school, Chicago’s Hyde Park, and other citadels of leftist sentiment. Trump also could have told “Bill,” if that’s who he really is, that if he had concerns about potential Islamist terror training camps in the U.S., he should discreetly contact the FBI and provide tangible evidence of such facilities, rather than spouting off about them at a political rally.

We are now learning that Bill from White Plains is a stock character on Don Imus’ radio show. There’s no telling what else we might learn about this individual in the days and weeks to come if there are investigative reporters out there willing to do some serious investigative reporting. This episode reflects the poisonous affect group identity politics has on our political debate. Islamist terrorism remains a real threat to U.S. security and the security of many of our allies. We need to be able to discuss this problem honestly about what this means to our international geopolitical and strategic relations and what it means to our domestic security at home. This must be done without engaging in infantile rhetoric about Islamophobia or charging hate speech against those of us who refuse to accept the leftist multicultural narrative of society as being divided into groups with all having equally valid viewpoints and victim narratives requiring coddling.


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