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Keep the Benghazi Committee!


Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies have worked themselves into a tizzy over a verbal indiscretion by House Majority Leader and potential House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Commenting on a news program, McCarthy noted that Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers had dropped and he credited this occurrence to the work of the House Special Benghazi Committee. Actually Clinton’s poll numbers and popularity have dropped primarily due to her secretive behavior, arrogant and imperious persona, and lying about her use of a private email account to conduct business as Secretary of State. Of course, Clinton’s criminally and morally incompetent stewardship of U.S. foreign policy between 2009-2013, including the Sept. 11, 2012 Benghazi consulate attack, also must be placed at her hands.

The Clintonistas have decided, in their extremely finite wisdom, that McCarthy’s rhetorical indiscretion makes it necessary for the Benghazi select committee to be terminated. Of course, these dimwits are wrong and the committee’s investigation must continue and, hopefully, Chair Trey Gowdy and his colleagues will be able to pry enough information from the State Department, CIA, and other relevant agencies and personalities to assess the multiple factors causing this tragedy resulting in the deaths of four Americans.

Gowdy and his colleagues on this committee have exhibited bulldog tenacity and Job-like patience dealing with the refusal of the State Department to turn over all relevant evidence. They have also had to deal with the preening arrogance of Hillary Clinton who once told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “what difference does it make?” when commenting on the murder of four Americans and the horrible decision making producing this Islamist terrorist attack and the shameful attempts to cover up this act of war by blaming it on murderous local reaction to an anti-Islamist Internet video.

Everyone who has testified before this committee has commended this organization for its professionalism including Clinton’s sycophantic attorney and former State Department aide Cheryl Mills. Clinton’s forthcoming testimony before the committee will be an excellent opportunity for committee members to demonstrate to the American public and international opinion how incompetent and morally wrong Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration were in anticipating the possibility of this attack and in responding to it. Clinton’s appearance should also be the definitive proof that she is unfit to hold the presidency or any other American government office of honor.


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