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Differences Between Marco Rubio and Barack Obama


As Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign gains strength, there have been a number of comparisons between him and Barack Obama. It is true both sought the presidency after serving in their state legislatures and after their relatively short tenures as U.S. Senators. Their relatively youthful forty something age range when they sought the presidency is also another commonality as is criticism by people within and without their respective parties that they needed to “wait their turn.”

The differences between these two, however, far outweighs their commonalities. Barack Obama is a community organizer schooled in the radical leftist ideological tactics of Saul Alinsky. Obama is deeply attracted to maximizing state power and minimizing the power of individuals. He promotes a redistributionist view of economic policy in which the national government seeks to transfer wealth to the “more deserving” groups and individuals who have allegedly been victimized by the purportedly heinous upper classes. Obama and his acolytes also seek to divide the nation into ethnic groups, genders, consciously chosen sexual lifestyle practices, and places a premium on stoking class grievance.

When foreign and national security policies are involved, Obama seeks to ignore or excuse the crimes and sins of America’s worst enemies including Islamist terrorists, Russia, Iran, and China. This is most vividly personified by his abysmal responses to Russia’s takeover of Crimea, the strategy less dysfunction of his counter-ISIS strategy, and, despite the recent voyage of a naval ship into contested South China Sea waters, of his insufficiently funded and strategized Asia-Pacific Pivot. The manifold failures of Obama’s national security policy have been effectively outlined in Colin Dueck’s recent book the Obama Doctrine.

Marco Rubio, thankfully, has a different view of America, international affairs, and the role of government. Rubio sees America as a shining city on the hill which provided sanctuary and opportunity for his family and generally enables people to lawfully maximize their God-given potential. He realizes that Obama’s policies of shameful retreat and ignominious appeasement of our enemies has emboldened them and significantly worsened our geopolitical and strategic situation. Rubio understands that economic growth can only occur when the private sector is given the freedom to enable individuals and organizations to create wealth and determine how best to use it.

He also understands that moral virtue is essential for a country to economically prosper and be able to defend its values and interests on an increasingly hostile international stage. Unlike Obama, Marco Rubio defends traditional moral values such as protecting the unborn and defending traditional heterosexual marriage. Rubio, like many Americans, may not have always made the best personal financial decisions, but he has acknowledged that and has paid back funds which need to be pay back. As a true leader Rubio can acknowledge mistakes, unlike the narcissistic Obama, and his modest family socioeconomic background should enable many Americans to identify him as “one of us.”

Former President Bill Clinton has said that Rubio is the candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign fears the most. Unlike this corrupt and depraved termagant who has lusted after untrammeled political power for most of her adult life, Marco Rubio personifies genuinely American ideals of public service aspiration and duty to country. The Clintonistas and their useful idiot ally in the GOP Donald Trump, will do everything they can to attempt to politically destroy Rubio because he embodies the decency, dedication, principle, and common sense knowledge of domestic and international politics which they despise with every fiber of their being.

The similarities between Barack Obama and Marco Rubio are present for those with limited attention spans and clouded by leftist superficiality. The differences between these two men is significant in the moral values they personify and the visions they have for America and America’s role in the world. Those who favor continuing American economic, military, and moral decline should stay with Hillary Clinton. However, those of us who favor this potentially final chance to restore America’s moral authority and domestic and international strength should realize that Marco Rubio best personifies their values and world views and is, in the words of the noted conservative writer William F. Buckley, “the most electable conservative.”


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