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Missouri Misery


We’ve seen this movie before and on a regular basis since the 1960s. A student gets upset because someone, who may or may not have been a fellow University of Missouri student, shouted a racial epithet at him. Another incident on the same campus sees someone create a Nazi swastika made of excrement in a bathroom. In a world not gone mad with leftist group identity politics, there would be campus police investigations which may or may not find and punish the perpetrators. In some case, as an incident like this at Oberlin College demonstrated, the perpetrator was black.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The football team, struggling through a 4-5 year, threatened to go on strike if the university’s president didn’t resign. This team’s dimwitted coach Gary Pinkel backed them hook, line, and sinker instead of being a symbol of strong parental authority. A leftist agitator graduate student with a martyrs complex comparable to early 1980’s Irish Republican Army terrorist Bobby Sands goes on a hunger strike. These incidents created a traditional and social media firestorm as spoiled brat leftist professional revolutionary agitators demanded and succeeded in getting the university’s president to resign immediately and the University of Missouri system chancellor to promise his resignation at the end of the year.

Orwell’s 15 minutes of hate arrived big time around 50 years ago when craven university campus administrators capitulated to that era’s leftist revolutionary agitation and demanded the creation of ethnic and gender oriented study programs of zero academic credibility and professional employability outside of academe. Over the subsequent five decades an army of diversity apparatchiks has infested and contaminated academic freedom and bloated university budgets ever since then. Any student, staff member, faculty, or university administrator who refuses to genuflect before the perpetual victim mentality of the feral diversity mob is denounced with meaningless epithets such as racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot, and an advocate of hatred.

You would hope one day that university boards of trustees, state legislators, members of Congress, and alumni would say enough is enough! The University of Missouri President may have had flaws, but he did not deserve to be fired for failing to immediately appease the bleatings of unctuous revolutionary agitators bloviating about the infantile leftist abstractions of systemic racism, white privilege, social justice, and the purported need for safe zones. Their offices of diversity and inclusion and “diversity training” programs have created a totalitarian mentality at many campuses where any deviation from the victim mentality of these apparatchiks results in political denunciations Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Kim Jong Un would enthusiastically applaud.

University of Missouri alums who are ashamed of their university’s capitulation to these Maoist and Islamist-like thugs should withhold their financial support from the university. They should also contact members of the board of trustees and explain their reasons for withholding their financial support. They should then tell these trustees and state legislatures that money should not be spent on these institutions until they eliminate the gender and group identity political and “educational” programs which grievously tarnish the reputation of contemporary American higher education. They should also contact their congressional representatives, urge them to hold hearings on leftist intimidation on university campuses, and pass legislation withholding federal student aid and research funding from universities where such leftist intimidation occurs.

The agitators who perpetrated this coup should know that their employability is nil. Employers do not want to deal with irresponsible narcissistic hooligans who whine every time someone looks at them the wrong way or says something unpleasant. You have no more chance of abolishing “racism,” trigger warnings, any other micro aggression or other unpleasant forms of verbal abuse from your life than you have of changing the weather. Grow up and develop a think skin you pathetic losers! I can’t imagine why anyone would want to become the University of Missouri’s President after this episode. So much of your job will involve appeasing and babysitting brat thugs and their willing coconspirators in academe, that you’ll not have time to offer students a quality and relevant education or give faculty the freedom to instruct students that they will have to deal with unpopular viewpoints in all areas of their lives until they die.


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