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Paris Terror Assaults


Once again we have learned the consequences of unassimilated multiculturalism.  Last Friday, Islamist terrorists struck at multiple locations in Paris killing over 130.  I enjoyed a visit to Paris with my wife 2.5 years ago and have fond memories of our time there.  We were not at the scene of the concert hall or the restaurants where the attacks occurred.  However, we rode past the soccer stadium and rode by train through the suburb of Saint-Denis where a bloody assault and arrests occurred this morning.  The attack also touched me in that I have a friend and his wife who live in Compiegne about an hour north of Paris.  They are doing okay.

It is clear this was a professional and meticulously planned assault with the aftermath still remaining unclear.  European authorities have been rounding up suspects in Molenbeek, Belgium and throughout France.  A soccer match in Hannover, Germany was cancelled yesterday out of fears a bomb had been found in the area near the stadium.   The same evening a Anglo-French soccer match occurred in London with the Duke of Cambridge attending to show solidarity with the French and Britain’s resolve to stand up against sadistic Islamist vermin.

It’s a strange world we live in when philandering French Socialist President Francois Hollande show more moral courage and clarity about this situation than Barack  Obama.  Hollande rightly understands that France is at war and has sent French jet fighters on assaults against key ISIS targets in Syria.  Earlier today, he has also deployed the French aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle from the French naval base in Toulon to the eastern Mediterranean theater of operations.  In a reprise of their late 19th and early 20th century alliance, France and Russia are coordinating air strikes against ISIS.

Unfortunately, for the U.S., we have our babbling community organizer President still refusing to call this barbaric attack Islamist terrorism and still refusing to recognize that ground troops will be necessary to destroy ISIS.  In an embarrassingly incoherent press conference at the G-20 summit in Turkey, Obama showed how junior varsity he is when it comes to understanding the ugly realities of Islamist terrorism which his “leading from behind” policies have done so much to exacerbate.  Even worse, Beacon Hill bumpkin Secretary of State John Kerry said Islamist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo earlier this year had a “rationale” behind it.  Excuse me, Mr. Secretary, the purpose of that attack was to kill that publication’s staff who had the effrontery to use freedom of speech to satirize the terrorist brigand “prophet” Mohammed.  It would be nice if we had a Secretary of State and President who boldly defended freedom instead of making imbecilic excuses for the enemies of freedom.

The secularist dream of a European Union without borders should have died last Friday in Paris.  European Union nations need to reinstate border controls and stop immigration of individuals from Islamic countries.  They also need to rediscover their Judeo-Christian heritage and convictions because it will take that, more than skilled intelligence and ruthlessly executed military operations, to reclaim their continent from Islamist hordes who still aspire to reverse Charles Martel’s 732 victory at Tours.  Bleating about universal human values will not cut it against Islamist savages.

While Americans mourn for the dead and pray for the survivors of these attacks, we should not be delusional enough to think we are exempt from those attacks.  ISIS would love to attack the U.S. and inflict a high body count on us.  We must remain prepared and vigilant and also keep Islamist hordes from entering our country due to porous immigration policies and the inability to vet those desiring to enter our country from the Syrian region.  We are reaping the seeds of naively believing that Islamist terrorism died when Osama bin Laden was dispatched to hell in 2011 and that Islamists were as tired of war as Barack Obama claims we are.  Friday’s attack in Paris should also be a key issue in the upcoming 2016 election and I believe Marco Rubio is the candidate best suited to lead the war against this evil.  We are also inheriting the wind of reducing our intelligence surveillance capabilities after the bogus outrage generated by traitor Edward Snowden’s revelations of National Security Agency operations.  News flash:  Gentlemen and friendly nations read each others mails, listen to each others phone calls, and monitor text messages!

The day before the Paris attack, Becky and I were in New York City visiting the 911 Memorial and Museum.  It was a moving experience that shows the evil Islamist ideology is capable of perpetrating.  That bloodshed is far less than what would happen if a nuclear armed Iran or Islamist terrorist groups armed with conventional weapons or weapons of mass destruction are allowed to carry out their attacks.  These are stern times that will require unflinching resolution and moral courage to destroy the evil which was inflicted on Paris last Friday.






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