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The Aggrieved Life of the Social Justice Warrior


It is absolutely miserable being a leftist social justice warrior.  From the moment this individual waits up until it rests its weary soul at night, this benighted creature is on hair-trigger alert looking for the slightest thing to agitate his or her tender sensitives and sanctimonious sense of outrage.  Individuals such as these are constantly tuned to traditional media and online media looking for any real or imagined rhetorical outrage or action to send them into paroxysms of fury.  This probably occurs most frequently on university campuses where the infantile mania for diversity and inclusion serves as a fertile seedbed for this folly.

Our social justice warrior keeps a finely tuned instrumentation to any signs of words or action to detonate their finely honed sense of grievance. Make a statement that does not comport with their perpetual sense of ethnic grievance and you’ll be denounced as a racist, hater, bigot,  homophobe, sexist, misogynist, Islamophobe, or some other nonsense rhetorical denunciation.  Seek to call them out for morally irresponsible behavior such as drug abuse, intoxication, or sexual promiscuity, and you’ll be denounced as judgmental, patriarchal, and reactionary to name just a few epithets.

Despite their rhetorical outage and melodramatic belligerence, the leftist social justice warrior is a stunningly fragile creature.  It needs nonsensical safe zones to protect itself from individuals, words, and ideas running counter to its incessant victim narrative.  This entity is constantly on the alert for trigger warnings, micro aggressions, cultural appropriation, “white privilege,” and other forms of offense its fragile psyche is incapable of absorbing and processing.  It is constantly texting and attuned to its virtual world that it finds itself incapable of creating let alone sustaining a real  human interpersonal relationship.  After all, who wants to be friends with someone with a perpetual frown on their face and a morose personality?

There are numerous possible causes to this leftist identity derangement syndrome.  A key one is rejecting God and biblical morality as the foundation for their existence.  The hyper presence of social media also contributes to this as these individuals tend to be umbilically glued to their iPhones and other devices.  Defective parenting is also a factor as parents seek to overly protect their progeny from the world’s misfortunes and evils and fail to  give  them the coping skills, moral values, and personal resilience to persevere when life inevitably gets tough and tragic.  Our schools and universities also enable such pusillanimous lifestyles by indulging students like spoiled brats instead of confidently asserting the in loco parentis role backed by Judeo-Christian moral underpinnings which they once played.  Instead, they capitulate to student agitators exterminate demands as recently happened at the University of Missouri.

It’s true, we live in a  sometimes dangerous and evil world as yesterday’s horrific and evil murders in San Bernadino, CA demonstrate.  Unfortunately, we are raising up a generation of children, adolescents, and adults who are incapable of dealing with the real threats to our country posed by Islamist terrorists such as the perpetrators of these assaults.  We are reaping the seeds of indulgent parenting and educating, the decline of stable two parent heterosexual families, the growth of secularism, and the belief that individuals need not be morally responsible for their misbehavior due to alleged historical “sins” carried out by white patriarchal Judeo-Christian culture.

The leftist social justice warrior will continue living its life of perpetual misery and victimization and seek to impose it on everyone with the misfortune to come into their world of despair.  Those of us not subscribing to the sense of perpetual and petulant victimization need to do our best to re-educate these dimwits and limit the damage they impose on themselves and on society at large.  This is an endeavor which will truly require the patience of Job and divine intervention.



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