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Parisian Climate Follies


For the past two weeks many of the world’s nations have been gathering in Paris in the vain hope that their hyperbolic rhetoric and actions can somehow stop climactic change.  It’s the height of secularist hubris to think that nations individually and collectively can control the earth’s climate.   Those gathering in Paris flew there on their fancy fuel guzzling jets, attend meetings in gas guzzling limousines, stay in the swankiest hotels, and dine on  haute cuisine and France’s finest wines as they pursue their warped belief that they can turn back inevitable natural trends.

Of course, we should do everything we can to conserve energy and be good stewards of God’s creation.  However, these international bien pensant climate apparatchiks think they can impose austerity on mere mortals such as us who drive to work in cars and need fossil fuels such as coal to heat our homes as winter approaches.  These dimwits, whose leaders include Barack Obama, John Kerry, and the superannuated and fraudulent ecozealot Al Gore, want to increase our energy costs and drive us into poverty and dependence on the almighty green state.  They want us to genuflect before the golden calves of global warming and renewable energy even as Antarctic and Arctic ice caps are actually increasing in size.

Conference attendees will produce a verbose document with sanctimonious declarations which is unenforceable and will seek to impose a one size fits all solution on international environmental and energy problems.  Any sane national parliament concerned with the future  economic and social development of its people, not to mention preservation of their national sovereignty, should kick this agreement into the trash.  Those of us who understand how climate science actually works and  would have to live in the dystopian and impoverished green energy fantasyland concocted by these unctuous climate bureaucrats realize that this is all part of a Climate Hustle, to quote the title of a newly released documentary on this shady and extortionate political game, by the organization Climate Fact.

Many regions of the world have actually made significant progress in reducing CO2 emissions through improved market based technologies and honest scientific research instead of trying to  label those of us who refuse to worship before the golden calf of human-caused climate change as being unworthy of receiving freedom of thought and conscience protection.  The fact of the matter is that skepticism is the hallmark of sound science and governmental policymaking.  Another irrefutable fact is that while man can partially affect God’s creation in an adverse matter, God’s sovereign power enables nature to eventually recover from even man’s most environmentally abusive practices.  Glaciation, islands sinking beneath the sea, catastrophic storms, droughts, floods, and other climatic phenomena are all part of the natural cycle set in motion when God created the earth and these cannot be revoked no matter how hard the climate hustlers try to deny these inescapable realities.

Lumps of highly sulfuric coal and prodigious servings of humble pie should go in the Christmas packages of these climate hustlers. Since these global “luminaries” are in Paris, they should visit the sites where  Islamist terrorists murdered dozens a few weeks ago.  They should then turn their energies into developing effective efforts to rid the world of Islamist evil which is far more dangerous to the world’s health than alleged projected 3.6 degree Fahrenheit temperature increases in subsequent years.



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