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Obama’s State of Union Illusion


Article 2 Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution requires the President to report to Congress on the State of the Union from time to time.  For many decades, the President presented an annual written message to Congress in December outlining the nation’s condition.  In recent decades, this has occurred in January in the presence of both houses of Congress with the President delivering a verbal message filled with idealistic promises and partisan comments.  This address is also given in prime time on a weekday evening and can potentially be viewed by tens of millions in the U.S. and no telling how many more internationally who watch by television, listen by radio, or watch/listen by some Internet media.

Some State of the Union speeches have been memorable.  Coming of age as an adult in the 1980’s, I remember with nostalgic pride  Ronald Reagan’s annual addresses to Congress.  How nice it was to have a principled and intelligent  leader who could communicate credible policies, respected voter’s intelligence, and actually knew how to orate. I also fondly remember President George W. Bush speaking truth to power by calling Iran, Iraq, and North Korea the axis of evil in one of his State of the Union addresses. This is no longer the case as we had to endure nearly an hour of the increasingly irrelevant and embarrassing babblings of Barack Hussein Obama.

Except for a brief section where he encouraged the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, last night’s speech was a journey into an illusory world of leftist fantasy.  Obama praised his incredibly ill-advised and suicidal nuclear agreement with Iran without acknowledging that ten American sailors (including one female sailor) were being held hostage by Iranian Revolutionary Guards on a Persian Gulf Island.  The fact that these sailors were released today is more a matter of good fortune and the Iranians not wanting to incur unwanted international hostility, than from any alleged diplomatic skill by John Kerry or Barack Obama.

Obama claimed that the economy was doing better though the national debt continues to rise, the labor force participation rate continues to decline, and nothing has been done about entitlement reform during his presidency.  He persisted in his child like faith that combating climate change is an issue of concern to all but the most fanatical ecohustling zealots who seek to impose higher energy prices upon the “working families” allegedly part of Obama’s core political constituency.  He also did not address his illegal use of executive power to permit expanded and imprudent immigration into this country.

He claimed that the U.S. military is the world’s greatest without mentioning that on his watch the size of the armed forces is smaller than it has been in decades and that we have aging weapons systems including jet fighters which are not ready to meet emerging national security threats from Russia and China.  He failed to acknowledge the disastrous effects of his mythical Syria “red line,” his abandonment of ballistic missile defense in Eastern Europe, his failure to mobilize NATO to stop Russian annexation of Crimea and encroachments into Ukraine, and his failure to do anything about the increasingly aggressive Chinese claims in the South China Sea, and North Korea’s recent explosion of a hydrogen bomb.  When national security is concerned, Obama has always been “out to lunch.”  This is also evident in his misplaced solicitude for Islamist terrorists at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay whom he seems to regard as the “sons” he never had instead of the sadistic monstrous beasts dedicated to destroying our freedoms.

He continues to persist in his delusional belief that his health care reform is beneficial when, in fact, it is increasing costs, lowering care quality, damaging the doctor-patient relationship, and seeking to restrict the religious freedoms of American individuals and organizations who refuse to genuflect before the golden calf of abortifacient contraception.  He also continues his assault on individuals of faith and common sense with his prepubescent fawning over last summer’s shameful Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Most exasperatingly, he complains that our political discourse is no longer civil and that there is to much money in politics.  This is rank hypocrisy from a man who has raised untold millions of dollars for himself and the Democratic Party and who has encouraged the vilification and government-sponsored harassment of individuals and organizations refusing to prostrate themselves before Barack I’s ideological agenda of “transforming America” into a secularist morally depraved dystopia.

The only good thing about his State of the Union’s speech was its conclusion and the hope that the dark tunnel Americans let him lead us into is now 373 days away from its pathetic and depraved termination.  My goal this year is to see Marco Rubio get elected to the presidency and begin the long arduous road of restoring America’s economy, moral bearings, national security, and international strength and credibility.






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