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Donald Trump Crybaby


If you need any more proof that Donald Trump is not fit to be President, then his decision last night to not participate in Thursday’s Iowa GOP presidential debate should be icing on the cake.  The petulant Donald is still upset over a tough but fair question Fox News’ Megyn Kelly asked him at a debate in Cleveland about his rhetorically demeaning remarks toward women.  Trump stewed over this a few months, then threw a gigantic temper tantrum last night with his decision.  To their credit, Fox News is standing by Kelly and against Trump’s attempt to censor political debate.

The President of the United States will receive all kinds of opposition to their political decisions and rhetoric.  This could begin with the President’s family, his or her White House staff, congress, the judicial branch, federal agencies, and numerous governmental and non-governmental entities within the U.S.  This opposition to presidential policies will also be an international phenomenon as foreign governments, foreign public opinion, and international government organizations and public opinion may express often vituperative rhetoric and violent opposition to U.S. policies.  Judged by his petulant response to Megyn Kelly’s probing, Donald Trump is going to get offended and tied up in knots every millisecond when someone opposes him and refuses to kowtow to his narcissistic ego.

I’m actually looking forward to an adult debate tomorrow in Des Moines.  Without Donald Duck Trump on the stage, spouting his inane and simplistic bloviating, the other candidates have the opportunity to show why they are the adults in the room with the vision, character, and knowledge to put America on the right path after seven disastrous years of Obama and Clinton.  As a Marco Rubio supporter, I especially look forward to hearing him articulately expressing his compelling conservative vision for a better America and for him to have a vigorous repartee with Ted Cruz.  Unlike some media commentators, I have no desire to see Donald Trump interject his narcissistic ego into this debate and, frankly, wish he would get the message that the presidency is for well-mannered and intelligent adults instead of boorish bumpkins who think they can alienate women who are not fawning worshipers of them.

If you’re a research psychologist specializing in political communication or political psychology, this is a golden opportunity for you to make an enduring scholarly contribution by analyzing how Megyn Kelly has gotten Donald Trump’s goat.  If you are a political cartoonist, this is a chance for you to produce a Pulitzer Price winning cartoon or series or cartoons ridiculing Trump.  If you’re a toymaker, you could produce a Megyn Kelly figure manipulating a Donald Trump puppet.  Photographers and picture framers such as Hobby Lobby, could send framed and glossy promotional photos of Kelly to Trump’s campaign and business headquarters as Valentine’s Day gifts.

The President needs to be  a mature adult capable of absorbing and adapting to the rhetorical and other blows they will receive from domestic and foreign critics and even supporters.  Presidential candidates need to be able to effectively and calmly respond to friendly and hostile questions at all public forums.  Donald Trump and his simple-minded followers can’t handle anyone who refuses to genuflect before his titanic ego and intellectually lightweight vision and response to American and global problems.



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