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Wat Tyler Comes to New Hampshire


In 1381 England was convulsed by peasant riots lead by an man named Wat Tyler.  He and his followers were protesting high tax rates leveled by the monarchy.  The rebellion eventually ended but the seeds of periodic popular political revolt in the Anglosphere periodically erupt into paroxysms of fury as evidenced by last night’s New Hampshire primary.

On the Democrats side, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton with a 22% point victory.  Appealing to the basest class warfare instincts of the political left, Sanders and his single digit IQ followers took their pitchforks and trudged out on a wintry New Hampshire evening to hear their populist messiah bleat against purported Wall Street excesses, the alleged nefariousness of super political action committees and mythological dark money, about the need for confiscatory taxation against the achievers in our country, and about the alleged deficiencies of our health care system which many of them supported through their undying fealty to Barack Obama.  Hearing the crowd’s ululations during Sanders infantile orations was  like watching historic videos of crowds of dimwitted dolts roaring their approval at the orations of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, the Korean Kims, Castro, and other totalitarian despots.  Today, Sanders had coffee in New York City with the consummate race hustler Al Sharpton, as he takes his version of socialism and tries to make it appeal to the victim narrative so prevalent in many sectors of black political campaigning.

It was no better at Hillary Clinton’s “concession” speech.  The avatar of political corruption and entitlement, tried to portray herself as being opposed to Wall Street and sought to raise her pitchfork to inspire her despondent acolytes by attempting to rhetorically outflank Sanders on the left.  There were the usual appeals to group identity victimhood, calling on former Secretary of State Madeline Albright to eternally damn any women who refused to support Hillary, and showing what an annoying, shrill, and untrustworthy shrew she  is with her febrile babblings about right wing conspiracies which have been part of her stump speech for nearly two decades.

Sadly, it was no better on the Republican side.  Donald Trump succeeded in convincing 34% of the voters in New Hampshire’s primary, many of whom are independents or Democrats who can vote in any primary they want to, that his conspiratorial complaining about America losing made him worthy of their vote.  Trump spouted his usual infantile protectionist rhetoric about America losing at trade deals with other countries, but I doubt he could point to a single line from NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or any other international trade agreement the U.S. has negotiated and tell what provisions of it he would renegotiate and how this would improve the U.S.’ economy.  I highly doubt that Trump has the intellectual endurance or capacity to read the complete text of a trade agreement.

New Hampshire’s motto has been “Live Free of Die,” but judging by its embrace of the febrile big government delusions of Sanders, Clinton, and Trump, I agree with a comment made on National Review’s online forum that this motto should become “Live Free or Dice.”

John Kasich put enough energy into New Hampshire that he came in a distant second with 16% of the vote.  However, Kasich has no organization in the upcoming primary states and his sanctimonious welfare state posturing, which David French has effectively denounced  will see him come to the end in the south.  Chris Christie’s histrionic and bogus denunciations of Marco Rubio, while momentarily effective, ended up with him having a poor Granite State showing and compelling his departure from the race.  This departure proves that Christie, who has many laudable attributes, is to egocentric and undisciplined to be an effective advocate for GOP principles.  Jeb Bush, thanks to the lavish expenditures of his Right to Rise Super Pac, managed to surge  past Rubio, but he has not connected with voters hungry for change and won’t last for more than a few weeks.

Hopefully, Rubio will step up his game and begin aggressively attacking Trump and Cruz telling voters in upcoming states that Trump’s crackpot and demagogic ideas and vulgar rhetoric will not cut it in Washington, DC and on the international stage.  Rubio also needs to tell voters that Cruz’s infantile anti-Washington, DC cartel rhetoric will not give him allies he needs to pass legislation in Congress and that he has no ability to appeal beyond the conservative base.  Rubio also needs to continually engage voters with passion and substance while contrasting his life experiences with those of Cruz, Bush, Kasich, and Trump and how these experiences make him more capable of genuinely understand their economic circumstances and implementing policies to improve their economic and social circumstances.

New Hampshire voters should be embarrassed at the chaos they wrought by choosing such fatally flawed candidates.  Perhaps that state’s heroin epidemic, which has its origins in moral weakness, has clouded its collective electoral judgment.  We’ll see if South Carolina voters are capable of showing more wisdom than their Granite State counterparts in the next ten days.


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