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Brussels Bombings


This past week we again witnessed the ugly reality of Islamist terrorism.  Bombings in Brussels, Belgium’s airport and a subway station produced 34 deaths and large numbers of injuries.  We witnessed the genuine emotional support for the victims, the cliched Twitter hashtags of solidarity with Brussels, and the rhetorical public vows to not give in to this evil.  Yet, the same secularist vapidities were also expressed about how we should not succumb to the delusional bugaboo of Islamophobia, that these attacks are not reflective of Islam, that we should not profile Muslims, and the distressingly persistent belief that this is a problem which can be resolved legally instead of militarily.

Belgium was created in 1830 and has had a sometimes checkered existence since then.  In a  geopolitically significant area of Western Europe it has been a crossing grounds and battlefield for European armies.  In 1815, 15 years before it gained its independence, it was the sight of the Battle of Waterloo, near Brussels, where a British-Prussian coalition of military forces finally defeated Napoleonic France leading to the end of a quarter century of war Europe had endured since the 1789 advent of the French Revolution.  Belgium was also a key battleground during World Wars I and II suffering considerable damage.  Since World War II, the idealistic and sometimes coercive leaders of the European Union have made Brussels the headquarters of the European Commission which is the European Union’s executive branch.  It is hardly surprising that the subway attack occurred at the station adjacent to the European Commission’s headquarters.  Brussels is also the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  Consequently, the ISIS attack on multiple targets in Brussels has significant political ramifications.  By attacking here, ISIS was saying we are going to kill and hurt you in one of your most politically significant assets.

Belgium is a constitutional monarchy with a weak federal government located in Brussels. The country has been divided linguistically into the Dutch speaking (Flemish) north and the French speaking (Walloon) south.  Consequently, the central government is weak and significant power has devolved to these regions.  This means Belgium’s internal security institutions are weak and poorly coordinated.  At the same time, years of open borders and lax immigration policies have allowed the large scale influx of Muslim immigrants, many of them with Islamist ideological beliefs, to enter Belgium.   The Belgian government and economy have done an extremely poor job of assimilating them and providing them with sufficient economic opportunity.  This has allowed the creation of large Islamist enclaves such as Molenbeek in Brussels to be created which have become areas separated from the mainstream of Belgium society.  It is not surprising that the perpetrators of last year’s Paris bombings found sanctuary in Molenbeek to enable them to plan and carry out their attacks.  There is even some preliminary evidence indicating that there may have been more attacks planned and that detonating a dirty bomb was also an objective of these Islamist cells.

Nearly two years ago, my wife and I enjoyed a day trip to the historic and architecturally grand city of Antwerp approximately 35-40 miles northeast of Brussels.  Consequently, this attack hit home for me.  Belgium and other EU countries must abandon the secularist delusion of a borderless Europe in which all individuals share “universal human values.”  They must realize that welfare state secularism and multiculturalism has failed abjectly in providing economic opportunities for individuals and meeting our innate religious needs.

This tragic attack is an opportunity for Western Europe to rediscover and adhere to the Judeo-Christian values which are the bedrock foundation of our strength and vitality.  We must wage savage and targeted war against ISIS and the evil ideology it personifies. As Ted Cruz has said, it will require profiling individuals of Islamist persuasion and comparable geographic regions, no matter how “Islamophobic” it might be to the bien pendant purveyors of multiculturalism.  The fact of the matter is that Islam is the core motivating factor behind the savagery of Islamist terrorism and no amount of social work, psychotherapy, deradicalization, counseling, and judicature can change that.  As Americans, we should not blindly think that it cannot or will not happen here.  It already has on 9/11, at Fort Hood, in Chattanooga, and recently in San Bernadino, CA.

We will probably see tighter security screening when we enter airports and other mass transportation facilities given that the Brussels attacks struck softer targets.  These attacks also illustrate why we need new national leadership such as Ted Cruz who understands the reality of Islamist terrorism and the nature of the long-term struggle we must wage against it.  Once again, Barack Obama was asleep at the wheel, enjoying a baseball game in Cuba with the ruthless Castro communist regime, instead of denouncing Islamist terrorism, and stepping up the ferocity of our attacks against ISIS and its infrastructure.  Elections have consequences and this year’s presidential election will be the most consequential of my 54 year lifetime.



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