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Trump’s Whining Over RNC Delegate Rules


Donald Trump has been engaged in Alinskyite petulance about Republican National Committee (RNC) presidential delegate acquisition rules.  These rules are not determined by the RNC in Washington, DC, but by state parties following state laws.  Trumpty Dumpty, as a policy and procedures ignoramus,  cannot deal with the fact that Ted Cruz’s campaign is better organized and more knowledgeable about party rules than Trump and his lumpenproletariat followers.

Becoming President of the United States, besides requiring strong personal character and persistence, also requires the ability to organize and manage a nationwide presidential campaign.  It is not a broad scale version of New York City real estate development.  In addition, presidential aspirants must prove they know the administrative mechanics of government.  Ted Cruz falls into this category and Donald Trump does not.  I know I have criticized Cruz in previous blog postings, but when it comes to the future of this country he is a far superior choice to Donald Trump.

The brutal fact of the matter is that Donald Trump cannot win the presidential election even with Hillary Clinton’s thunderous criminal record, administrative incompetence, and  obnoxious personal demeanor.   Trump may have brought more people into the GOP primary process,  but they are seduced by his personality cult and will not help down ballot Republicans.  Normally, I think the people make the right choice in elections.  However, since the last two presidential elections have produced Barack Obama, that logic needs to be reconsidered.  GOP delegates must choose someone like Cruz who has embodied conservative values for his entire political career instead of a pretentious poseur like Donald Trump.  It’s time for the petulant anti-establishment whining to end and for us to gets serious about choosing a candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

Hopefully, Donald Trump will be defeated by Cruz in a multi ballot convention in July and we can have a presidential  candidate that will be a  real conservative who can promote an aspirational vision of conservatism, constitutional fundamentalism, and a strong foreign and national security policy to begin restoring the damage wrought on this country by Obamaism.


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